SXM Top 5 Favorite Beaches

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SXM Top 5 Favorite Beaches

SXM has over 30 beaches to choose from, but of course everyone has their favorite spot. We went and ask SXM locals whats their favorite beach on the island and this is the Top 5 beaches that given to us.


1/ Happy BAY

Happy bay is located on the French side of the island, Between Friars Bay and the Bay of Grand Case. You can access this beach by going through Friar’s bay, about 10 to 15 min and you will be able to enjoy Happy BAY 

2/Mullet Bay

Mullet Bay is located on the dutch side of the island, Sint Maarten. Not to far from Princess Juliana International airport, along with its clear waters, travelers are pleased with Mullet Bay’s soft sand and surfer-ready waves.

3/ Maho Beach

Maho Beach is a beach on the Dutch side of the Caribbean island of Saint Martin, in the territory of Sint Maarten. It is famous for being adjacent to the Princess Juliana International Airport, and is a popular site for tourists and planewatchers, who visit the beach to watch aircraft on final approach landing at the airport, passing only a short distance above their heads.

4/ Friar’s Bay Beach

Friar’s Bay is considered more as a local family beach, visitors of this beach are mostly local who comes there on a regular base on weekdays or even on weekends, also it’s a great to have your beach parties. If you not from not island, but would love to be on the beach with the people of Sint-Maarten – Saint Martin, you need to come to Friar’s Bay Beach.

5/Orient Bay

Orient Bay beach should of been top of the list, because it has a reputation of being SXM N°1 Tourist Beach, but since after hurricane Irma, the beach is there, but it doesn’t have the same impact like before, but you can go and enjoy the beautiful sandy water of Orient bay whenever you’re on the island.

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