SXM French side Carnival, Short and Sweet.

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We Culture, We Fete, the theme for SXM French side Carnival, it was short and Sweet

When we first saw the final schedule for French side carnival of the island « SAINT-MARTIN better known as SXM », we said four days were not enough for Carnival, but acknowledging the fact last year Hurricane Irma devastated the island. It’s understandable that the committee decided to keep it short than not doing anything at all.

Our team were not on the island to experience this event live, but from the different recap videos released on CARNAVAL de SAINT-MARTIN Facebook page, we must say, if you love carnival and missed these four days, you missed a lot

One particular event we believe needs to be annual is « WE SHOWDOWN », feat some of SXM Best Talented local artists, most of these artists we already knew and some we did not know about and will do our best to get their info and music soon on our website

Big Shout Out to the committee of CARNAVAL de SAINT-MARTIN and it’s partners for this big event and we will be on the look out for next year carnival and try not to miss it.

Here’s the recap video of « WE SHOW DOWN » and don’t forget to like the FACEBOOK page of CARNAVAL de SAINT-MARTIN.


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