How To Play Guitar In Africa Music – Double Double Oh

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Here in this video, I am playing the guitar along a song to simulate playing in church where all other instruments and singers are performing.

My God Is Good Oh- Double Double – Uche but the Ghanaian group version ‘Atta Boafo’ very lovely song. So in this video I along as though we are in church and I am on the Guitar.

Must Watch this video till the end.

By the way precious people wow, I just released some instrumental guitar with urban groovy rhythm. Modern and no guitar solo but listening Support me and get it share this link. .

Download it and support authentic music. Click the link:

I teach and show you how it’s done So you too can do the same and apply the principle to other African Songs.

Watch this video many times till you can the stuffs I did here.

Peace And please Subscribe and comment.

Enjoy African hot music.



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