Robin Schulz & Wes – Alane (Official Music Video)

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Produced by A CURRENT STATE (
Directed by Robert Wunsch (

We shot this music video in 12 cities on 5 continents with 30 dancers. Together we celebrate diversity, love, happiness and unity in music and dancing and we say thank you to all the people around the world who collaborated to create this piece.

Executive Producer: Chantal Drywa-Wunsch
Cinematographers: Alejandro Chavez, Amine Dhaouadi, Bernardo Negri, Daniel Smukalla, David Rusanow, Flavia Martinez, King ‘Mushking’ Muriuki, Lukasz Pruchnik, Mert Akay, Ngo Cao Nguyen, Paul Bröse, Valentin Vignet
Camera Assistants: Ahmed Deen, Dahma Abidi, Dom, Julian Hanschke, Kieran Wheeler, Leo Le, Murat Bayraktaroğlu, Tess Barthes, Umutcan Yıldırım
Drone Operators: Bilal Yalçın & Mert Akay
Local Producers: Ali Marwen Chekki, Ays Yuva, Emna El-Aouni, Jay Kim, Lucas Beaubernard, Phillip Himburg, Sheila Kimathi, TipNG
Production Assistants: Asma Thamri, Phan Lan, Simon Jochemczyk, Zelie Deletrain, Martin Drywa
Choreographer: Daniel Asamoah

Dancers: Adam Chienjo, Ali Bahrouni, An Vuong, Asude Şeyma Öztürk, Bao Hong, Batuhan Aslan, Benny Hall, Camila Arroyo, Daniel Asamoah, Derin Zeynep Saltık, Emna El-Aouni, Georgette Tripis, Heidi Valkenburg, Hyungjoon « Aden » Choo, Jeong Seona, Kalvin Trevonte, Lara Barroso, Liane Weber Rosa, Lizeth Vaca, Malek Kaabi, Max Germain, Nisha Lara Virmani, Noah Dunlop, Noor Germain, Park June Hwan, Renee Re Karanja, Ria Samz, Shamita Sivabalan, Sheick, Thao Thi

Edit by Robert Wunsch & Paul Bröse
Color Grading: Nico Hauter
Flame Artist: Sebastian Mietzner
Postproduction Producer: Julia Dobler
Sound Design: Moritz Staub
3D Character Designer & Generalist: Kiyan Forootan
Motion Designer: Julius Pfeiffer
Head of Motion Capture: Niklas Bothe
Virtual Production Operator: Marian Woller
Setrunner/Animator: Kevin Clare

Special Thanks to: Pham The Anh & TVTeam, Phillip Kaminiak

If you would ask ten people to recite the lyrics of “Alane”, there’s a good chance you would get ten different answers. And the best thing about it: this only adds to the magnificence of the song. If you ever needed proof of the universal language of music, it’s Wes’ song that made the whole world dance and sing back in 1996.

And will do so again now, 24 years down the line. Because none other than Robin Schulz produced a new version of “Alane”. As we all know from his reworks such as “Prayer In C“, “Waves”, or “Sugar“, he has a knack for such endeavors like hardly any other DJ/producer in the world. Especially since he’s always felt a very special connection to the song: “’Alane’ has always been one of my favorite songs. Everybody knows it. Not many tracks are that timeless. It immediately puts you in a good mood and just the language makes it truly unique”, says Robin. “I had the idea of creating my own rendition that I absolutely wanted to release and share with the people just in time for the summer.”
Robin asked his manager to reach out and check for the possibility of a cooperation. He did find Wes and not only that: it led to a personal encounter in Paris.

Now the only question remaining is: what does the title “Alane” actually mean? “’Alane’ means ‘love song’ in the Bantu-Kana language”, Wes reveals. “It is one of the oldest Bantu languages of Africa and I am always very moved and very happy to see that it can give as much joy and happiness to the whole humanity.” At the end of the day, it doesn’t really matter if you get the lyrics right: “Music is a language of the heart that knows no boundaries”, the Cameroonian agrees.

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