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10 SA artistes to watch out for in 2021

Special appreciation goes to all our artists for doing their best in making 2020 a good one for us music-wise. Here comes 2021, and some of our artists are off to the studio just to make us keep smiling this year.

This time we present to you 10 South African artists to watch out for in 2021.

1. A-Reece: As one of the artists who receive tons of applauds on their projects, A-Reece happens to be one of them.

Some believe the Hip Hop industry is against him but he keeps his head against all competitions of Nasty C given to him. With much love gotten from his Paradise 1 project, his fans are still anticipating the project which they hope should drop this year.

Paradise 2 still remains the most anticipated album in the industry and A-Reece makes it more interesting by keeping it suspence

A-Reece is sure to come out shocking this year again as usual as he remains one of the artists to watch out for in 2021.

2. Lady Zamar: Despite having a very quiet in 2020, Lady Zamar still remains one of the biggest Afro House vocalists in the country.

Her fans believe she should have gotten over the troubles 2020 gave her concerning her relationship. Fans believe her out-stage life still needs a little balancing as she still has an appearance in court.

After she teased a new song before featuring on You’re Mine by Dvine Brothers, she has been mute since then musically.

A single or album from her year could change the entire landscape and bring things back to normal for her.

3. Emtee: As one of the most consistent artists in the industry, Emtee keeps been ahead of his game making sure not to go into extinction.

He prepares his fans ahead of his upcoming project for the year titled LOGAN. He includes his signed artist, Flash Ikumkani, in the project and other featured artists.

Dedicating the album to his son and also his first project as an independent artist, after his departure from his former record label, Ambitiouz Entertainment.

Keeping the album till this year shows how hard Emtee is coming on the album this year.



4. Shekhinah: After proving to the industry her strength by delivering her deluxe album titled Rose Gold, Shekinah has been keeping her pace in the industry.

She’s expected to drop an album this year which she promises will be one of the greatest the industry will ever hold.

One of her hit singles for this year includes Tides, Whipped by Tellaman featuring Nasty C where she reminded the industry again she is still gaining her ground.

5. Scorpion Kings (Kabza De Small & DJ Maphorisa): Some believe this year is for Hip Hop and the end of Amapiano, but for Amapiano to keep thriving, their consistency in dropping more tracks needs to keep moving forward.

We believe they definitely have plans to keep the title 2021 as they were seen in the studio to make us proud once again.

Showing how much effort they gave the genre last year, a lot of success has been made from it as we now have different countries doing Amapiano now and expecting Drake to drop his Amapiano track.

The Scorpion Kings have also gotten their fans ready for their joint album with Trevoh titled Rumble In The Jungle.

6. Mr JazziQ & Black is Brown Ent. (Zuma, Reece Madlisa, Mpura, Busta 929, Lady Du): Mr JazziQ has shown the world what he can also deliver on the Amapiano genre. He was one of those who reduced the heat of the lockdown last year by bringing several hits to us to let us legwork the fear away.

For Amapiano to remain hot through the lockdown and beyond, himself and his artists (Zuma, Reece Madlisa, Mpura, Busta 929, and Lady Du) must continue to remain consistent.

Welcoming the year so well, Mr JazziQ made a snippet of himself resuming back to his studio and also appeared with the Major League DJz on their Amapiano Live Balcony Mix Africa (S2 EP1).

7. Prince Kaybee: Prince Kaybee continues to keep being the people’s man despite his “Twars” last year. He gained the crowd’s attention last year when he delivered Project Hope Season 1 which he proved the worth of women on the track and celebrated all the women in the country.

His last album project that before was Re Mmino. He is expected to drop his 4th album this year which he titled The 4th Republic.

Prince Kaybee is definitely set to make the grass greener this time on Afro House.

8. Elaine: Following her international deal, Elaine proved she’s not the flash in the pan as she kept delivering hits last year.

She officially welcomed the year with her You’re The One going 7 times platinum. She also led on Spotify with 7 songs.

Elaine officially made all female proud last year as she bagged a new degree in law and yet was still consistent in making music.

She promises 2021 to be more of a promising year as we should be on the look for her.

9. Blaq Diamond: As one of the most consistent duo of 2020, Blaq Diamond showed us the power of two as they kept making us proud.

One of the projects fans love so much on Afro House, Umuthi happened to be one of it for the year. They also bagged SAMA record of the year which they increased the fame by dropping another hit titled Summeryomuthi.

Blaq Diamond also made it to our 50 Hottest / Top South African Songs of 2020 and 20 Hottest / Top Afro House songs of 2020.

They are surely the new cash cow for Ambitiouz entertainment. With their pace in the industry, we are sure to be blessed by them again in 2021.

10. Kamo Mphela: Kamo Mphela knows how best to keep her fans in suspense as she has been keeping her teased track for a while now.

On SBWL by Busiswa, she showed us she is more than a dancer by releasing more several lead singles this year. She is sure to make take her lane more this year and we should be on the watch for her.



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