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AKA confidently tells fans that he dates ladies who are not after his funds and that are self dependent.

Taking to Twitter, the rapper woke South Africans to some lovely photos of his girlfriend, Nelli Tembe.

This photos attracted comments from fans and trolls.

Responding to critics, he bragged about how his babe got him a PS5 few months ago.

“Before you say anything about my girlfriend PLEASE SHOW ME YOUR PS5!!!!!!!!!!”

A tweep mocked him for bragging about such, as it’s assumed by some people that Nelli got him the PS5 with his money.

AKA replied the tweep by saying his girlfriend has the money and his money is safe.

Just to make his statement official, the rap star tweeted: “I only date trust fund babies now. Cheers”

AKA’s spec is always women with their funds, so it’s always a combo of two rich people in a relationship.

DJ Zinhle who is his ex-lover is also self-made and she’s secured amazing bags. Also, his new bae, Nelli, she’s got her money also.


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