AKA drags Cassper for clout-chasing with the boxing match »» Fakaza


Cassper Nyovest has confirmed the boxing match event against AKA twice on social media.

Over the weekend, Mufasa actively conversed with fans on Twitter and he detailed information about the upcoming fight.

Cass went as far as leashing out his winning strategies, because his opponent is taller than he is.

The latest father in town said the boxing match will hold in 2020 at the Dome .

If the country opens in time I’ll throw a Big Boxing Match this year between me and the broer. Fill Up needs a full 6 months to prepare. It’s not some event you can just wake up nje and pick a date. It is a big production & the track record is not something we can risk right now.

However, it turned out that Cassper lied, as AKA resumed Twitter this Monday morning and said his opponent was just clout chasing, as it’s not happening at the Dome, and the match is holding in 2021.

I understand people have albums to promote and stuff but confusing the fans is something that I don’t think should be part of the process. As you were.


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