AKA in trouble for asking if « Nasty C is the Pro Kid of 2020 » »» Fakaza


AKA got brows raised with the opinion that Nasty C is the Pro Kid of 2020.

Nasty C has made some exciting moves with his music career, especially mid of this year.

The young rapper had more than 5 of his songs top most music streaming platform and his international presence was felt.

His mixtape featuring DJ Whoo Kid also gave him his hit for 2020.

AKA and Nasty C are on good note, and Supa Mega asked fans to think about the young rapper being the big hip hop star in 2020.

“If you think about it … isn’t Nasty C the 2020 Pro Kid?” he said.

This question become controversial among his fans.

“Nasty is a solidified God in my eyes ALONE on the strength of the walls he’s tryna knock down,” the Fela In Versace hitmaker has this to say about the international stae.


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