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AKA opens up about his regrets in a recent interview with Slikour.

During the interview, the rapper spoke about his music career, upcoming boxing match against Cassper Nyovest and a few other things about his life and the industry.

Briefly compiled these regrets into 5.

1. AKA would have learnt how to play the piano.

2. He would have paid more attention to the fine print on contracts, we should all take note of this regret.

3. Supa Mega wishes he had better money management and saving skills earlier in life.

4. Being in the entertainment industry, AKA wishes he had internalised the fact that it is all a big show a lot earlier on in his career. He wasted many precious moments because of this but knows it too well now.

5. AKA’s final regret, and probably the most important, is not realising early enough that you can’t please everyone. Learning this lesson has been one of the most valuable AKA has learnt yet.


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