AKA to South Africans – « Stop with this celebrity worship culture » »» Fakaza


AKA warns social media users that they will be disappointed if they continue with the “celebrity worship culture”.

Taking to Twitter, the rap star expressed his curiosity on how fans just call out celebs anytime there’s trouble.

Supa Mega says they aren’t the ones running the government, so why call them for solutions.

“The first people to get blamed for not “doing anything” when some shit goes wrong in the country is always “celebrities” … so maybe celebrities should be your ministers, presidents, premiers and figures in positions of POLITICAL power since you love holding them accountable,” he tweeted.

Despite his talks, fans stood on ground that celebs deserve to be called out, and he laughed off the reactions.

AKA ended up telling them to stop such habit of depending on celebs, if not they’d be disappointed.

“Y’all gotta stop with this celebrity worship culture. YOU. WILL. BE. DISAPPOINTED.”


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