« AKATV will be free version very soon », says the rapper »» Fakaza


AKA’s attention was drawn to a complaint of a fan on his TV app.

The fan took to Twitter lamenting on the fact that there’s been no content on the app for the past 2 months, and that he was debited for using the app despite promising people that no fee will be charged for using the app this month. September.

@akaworldwide It’s almost about two months now without any content on AKATV and about a few days ago you promised us this month no coin will be taken out but it has been taken off earlier yesterday,,so just wannet to know what’s popping Famo??? the fan tweeted.

Supa Mega responded by apologizing first and said they are working on a free version of the app.

“Apologies my broer. We are currently testing a brand new version where it can be used for FREE. AKATV will be FREE version very soon. Please be patient and hold on, we nearly there.”


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