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South African popular record labels, Ambitiouz Entertainament and Mabala Noise go head to head against each-other.

The two labels engaged in a Twitter war.

It all started after AE bragged about being the best label after their artists topped music chart.

Taking to social media, Mabala says it’s not cool for a label to brag about being the best.

You see this thing of people saying they are the number one record label in SA unprovoked? Now it’s a cold day in #Spring.”

AE wasn’t mentioned in the tweet, but they were quick to connect the dots and felt attacked.

Responding to their opponent, AE said Mabala release thrash songs.

“This happened because your music emits CO2 and contributes to climate change.”

The two label drag each-other by comparing their artists and also flaunting receipts of music charts.

Afterwards, Mabala Noise suggested a Versus battle with their artists, but Ambitiouz declined the idea, saying Mabala is a small label and if at all they will do such, it will be with Universal Music.


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