Black Coffee returns home after touring Europe


Black Coffee is finally home in South Africa after months of touring Europe.

Since Covid-19 broke out in March, artist were stuck at home with no gigs, as it was a total lockdown.

Few months ago a video of the DJ performing in Italy went viral and many hyped his legend moves.

The DJ had a mix of vacation and performing at gigs in different countries.

First location revealed upon leaving SA was when he had a gig in Masseria Torre Coccaro, in Italy. He also stopped at Porto Cervo.

From there the international acclaimed DJ went to an Island in Greece, named Mykonos. He was rumored to be with his new girlfriend, Alexandra Cane.

Black Coffee also went to Maraba, Spain and final location revealed was in Germany.

However, he’s back home with family.

The DJ shared a photo of himself , and later revealed that he bonded with his first son.

Check out photos below:


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