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South African strong vocalist Busiswa advised her fans over too much of Twitter usage.

Noticing the trend South Africans use Twitter for, she noticed they spend most of their time on social media and still cry behind the camera of the words spoken to them.

Busiswa advised her fans that Twitter won’t add to our life if we’re a negative nancy. Using all the characters on Twitter to offend someone and later ask God why our life isn’t coming together later.

“Laugh sometimes.Let go of your negative energy, your clever comebacks, your sarcasm;when a joke is made,just laugh.This twitter won’t add to your life if you’re a negative nancy.If you use your 140 characters to offend, don’t ask God why your life isn’t coming together later”

Proving her statement, she recently uploaded not too long, where she took a picture of her curvy self relaxing and taking an SBWL gin at the poolside.


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