Cassper Nyovest blames AKA as fight might not happen again »» Fakaza


Cassper Nyovest drops latest update about the boxing match against AKA.

On Sunday, a fan asked how the training is fairing, and Mufasa revealed that he’s taken a break off training , as all he does now is to eat and  drink.

Cass also added that the fight might not happen again, as AKA is proving to be stubborn with signing of the contract.

Cassper claims that a video of him boxing, which surfaced on social media must have scared Supa Mega.

“I’m on a break now, drinking and eating all I want. Back in the gym soon but I don’t think that fight is gonna happen cause dude don’t wanna fight anymore. He just being difficult cause he saw me boxing and got scared. He thought it would be a walk over. I was gonna break him,” Mufasa tweeted.

Meanwhile, in 2020, AKA says the reason behind delaying signing the contract is because he’s trying to make the boxing match a source of huge income for himself. However, he assures fans that the match will still hold in 2021, in which we are in.

“Here’s where we are, the contract hasn’t been signed by EITHER of us. Why? Because I had to go find someone to invest 2 MILLION because they wanted to pay me 500k. Now that I have my money we should be concluding soon.”

“I’m not doing too much talking. When it was time to fight and we asked for the contract to be signed, people were to busy focusing on their brand and their image. But rest assured … the fight WILL happen next year, make no mistake of that,’ he added.


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