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hiya, hope everyone’s had a lovely week 🙂 out of sheer quarantine boredom i’ve spent the last few days learning how to embroider bucket hats, tie dye socks and diy my own scrunchies. hope you enjoyed coming along on that journey with me lol tho i am genuinely really happy with how these turned out!! everything was super cheap and easy to make so definitely try it yourself if you’re looking for a fun way to spend a summer afternoon xx

Embroidered daisy tutorial –

0:00 Intro
0:47 Embroidered Bucket Hat
2:48 Tie Dye socks
4:32 Scrunchies

 ✰ FAQ ✰
-What’s your name? Niamh (pronounced ‘Neev’)
-How old are you? 21
-Where are you from? I’m from Cape Town, South Africa (weird accent I know, my dad’s South African and my mom’s Irish)

Insta Models – Do It Like You –
Fiji Blue – Butterflies –
Tired – Outdoors –

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