Emtee brags on how « kids » are trying to imitatet his Trap sound »» Fakaza


Emtee is in no doubt that some upcoming artists struggle to sound like him.

The star has made the Trap genre a huge movement in South Africa, and he’s been crowned king, as he’s good at every Trap sound released.

This genre is called Trap Africa, as it’s reported that the father of 2 alongside Sjava and Saudi invented it.

Taking to Twitter, Emtee said people should stop the pretense, as they know that some other artists want to sound, talk and respect like him.

“Don’t act like u don’t know kids wanna sound like me, talk like me and show respect (IN REAL LIFE) like me. Rest,” he said.

In 2018, he stated clear, what his mission is, “My mission is definitely to come up with something different because, to tell you the truth — and no disrespect to anybody who’s a South African rapper, but a lot of people wait for me to release something then they will release.”


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