Gansango African Dance Company – AfricaRemix "Urban"

Gansango African Dance Company presented Africa Remix at Langston Hughes Performing Arts Institute in September 2017. The show included a group urban African dance piece (« Coupe-Decale »), choreographed by Ida Faho and danced by Ida Faho, Niya Cakpo, Nailah Harris, and Kayin Thompson.

Presented in partnership with LANGSTON with support from Seattle Office of Arts and Culture.

Gansango Music & Dance presents traditional and contemporary dance and music from West Africa – drawing on the stunning talent of multicultural dancers and musicians. Gansango is directed by Etienne Cakpo, originally from Benin and now a choreographer and teacher based in Seattle, Washington. Gansango company collaborating artists perform regularly in the Seattle area, nationally and internationally for audiences of all ages. The company performances fuse music and movement from across the African continent, drawing heavily from the dance and music traditions of Benin, Ghana and Togo, among other countries.

More information about Gansango Music and Dance is available at or contact



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