Heavy K says he is the most consistent artists in SA for the past 10 years »» Fakaza


Heavy K takes to social media claiming he’s one of the most consistent South African artists for the past 10 years.

The music producer says he is confident on being among the top 10 list of artists who have served timeless music.

Heavy K says he’s isn’t so loud about the claim because he wants to receive his flowers, as he’s received his flowers long time ago.

How do you talk about the most consistent artists in SA for the past ten years & not mention “Heavy-K “? Phofu watsho umaOlady ukuba abantu balibala msinya! Indeed people do forget easily…UYEKE just hit platinum there’s literally no single of mine that has never reached this,” he tweeted.

“Really? Are you mad? Or just ignorant? Don’t need no flowers I bought my flowers long time ago! But give credit when it’s due simple,” he added.

The musician also listed hit songs he’s dropped since 2010 till 2020.



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