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Africans can miss anything, but they never miss their parties.

African parties are known to be the best joint to ease whatsoever pain.

African parties still hold the largest amount of crowd in a single event. What brings their attention to this is how some South African DJs have shaped African parties over the year.

South African DJs brought the attention of the world towards the fact that African has got talents in music too amidst a lot of other great things.

Some known DJs have shaped the fate of African music. Thanks to the fabulous music they produce, upcoming artists, and other DJs all around the Homeland have been inspired to strive for greatness too.

The likes of Black Coffee, Oskido, Kabza De Small, Prince Kaybee, DJ Zinhle, DJ Tira, and a few more DJs have effortlessly done their best in creating atmospheres that require your next appearance.

There is no prestigious African party you’ll attend that South African afrobeat won’t find its place to let you shake it off, all your worries of course. All Africans can vibe to these beats because for starters it has culture entailed in it alongside other African values.

Black Coffee as an individual has proved to the world what good can come out of South Africa. He still holds an honorary award for performing with a hand for 24 hours. Performing with a hand appeared to be a big deal, but keeping his audience lively for 24 hours is what he deserves a better applaud for.

Of all the dreams we’ve ever dreamed of envying other countries, Black Coffee still remains one of the African DJ’s to create a mix in a cave where he gathered his people and blessed them with an experience.

Showing how much South Africans appreciate their heritage, Black Coffee proved how experiencing South African parties are when he released Africa Is Not A Jungle Mix.

Kabza De Small as the Amapiano king has also shaped African parties and has introduced the world to the amazing Amapiano genre.

The party has not started if Amapiano has not been played or introduced to the club. Almost every African country has tried the Amapiano genre and has seen that it’s the vibe of the party.

Nigerian artists like Rema, Mayorkun, Davido, and a few more have released Amapiano tunes just so their tracks get played in almost all the parties around

Ranking some of the tracks that hit the clubs in 2020 was Kiddominant featuring Cassper Nyovest titled eWallet.

Ranging from Hip Hop, Afro House, Amapiano, Deep Music, Slow Jam, whatever way it may come, South Africans makes sure to produce kings in each genre and make sure they raise new frontliners.

South African DJs have done a great job at creating the foundation for other DJs to build upon, for instance, Niel Armstrong was the first man to land on the moon then others followed in his footsteps. In other words, South African DJs are the Neil Armstrong of African party vibes, they dominated this frontier.

South African DJs have really shaped African parties in all the best way they can. Firstly by creating amazing records that give us the courage to party and also introduced a new party genre to create a perfect distinction globally.

Whatever way South Africans got the innovation to create the Amapiano genre, they got the secret to all parties.


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