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Could Busiswa really have a crush on Kabza De Small?

The South African artiste Busiswa was seen in DJ Maphorisa’s comment box as she replied to a Tweet of him where he announced the Money Heist project by Nicole Elocin and Tyler ICU. Kabza De Small was seen with him in the video Maphorisa shared to his social media as they both vibe to the song together.

The SBWL hit maker broke the veil as she announced to the world her feeling to Kabza De Small in her tweet, feeling for Kabza as he spilled his drink mistakenly on the passenger’s seat.

“Crush yam izithe minciza ngoBisi pha kwi passenger seat, aka yaz ba nam ndine dairy” which is translated to English as “My crush spilled Bisi on the passenger seat, and I had a dairy”.

After taking the bold step, fans have been making an issue out of it as some complained Kabza is too small for her.


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