K.O shares his view on Amapiano


K.O shares his view on Amapiano - "got two left feet"

South African superstar, K.O, shares his view on Amapiano as a Hip Hop artist.

K.O has been known in the industry for elevating the Hip Hop genre, but this time he speaks on how great Amapiano is as he believes it’s something he can’t dismiss or neglect.

He expressed himself more on the beat as he believes it’s truly a blessing to SA “that shit too lit & proudly SA! Daai Log drum is demonic” – Mr Cashtime.

He also spoke on why he can’t vibe too well with Amapiano like they do, which he blames on his “two left feet”.

The last appearance we got from him was his major featuring on Zakwe and Duncan’s hit titled V-Class which came debuting on Slum Kid by Gemini Major.


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