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LYRICS: Manny Yack – Khumbula

LYRICS: Manny Yack – Khumbula

(Intro) Naaaa Naaaaa Naaaa (Chorus) Baba ngiyakhumbula,

Sindawonye, one happy family.

I still don’t understand why you had to leave [x2]

(Verse 1) Baba I hope you listening

I know you don’t want anything to do with me again

I know you said that you don’t wanna hear from me again

But then again I got me some questions

That’s gonna need some answering

Why you gotta make us choose between you no mama?

Ya’ll had problems but siyingane asiyngeni lezoyindaba

Every time you came around,

I knew it’s gonn be drama

You supposed to be the one ongibonisayo ngomhlaba

Wapakisha izinto zakho

Wahambha ungashongo lutho,

18 years I’m the man of the house

I’m stuck and confused

Do you know how many nights salala singenakho ukudla?

What that sh*t gotta do neyinkinga zenu noy-two?

But I appreciate it, that’s what turn me to a man

Looked at your mistakes and said I’ll never do the same

Tried to make amends

But your pride as a man didn’t allow it I guess it’s

God’s plan

CHORUS (Verse 2)

Sengikhulile ngiyindoda

I understand now the pressures okuba yindoda

When there’s nobody that’s gonna guide

Who’s done it before

Ngiyabonga ngemizamo yakho

You put me through isikolo

Wangifaka esontweni

Wangifundisa unkulunkulu

And I’d be lying if I said

Your intentions weren’t good

I guess your weaknesses

Angfundisa isfundo

Cause you’re only human I’m tryna be a better you

Ngivuse ikhaya elikhulu

Be a better man to my shawty and my daughter too

And impilo inzima nami ngizowenza amaphutha

So who am I judge?

Pray you come back around

Baba I need your love…yeah





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