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Standing alone on this project, Ntokzin finally shows his fans his tracklist for Busisiwe.

In his upcoming album, it will be holding 10 amazing tracks with different artists in the industry.

He will be opening the EP with Happy Feelings featuring De Mthuda, Ta Skipper, and Moscow before delivering the EP to Sir Trill, Da Muziqal Chef, and MalumNator on NgineNtombi.

De Mthuda’s effort on the EP is of great significance as he featured on all the tracks except the 8th track titled Kutsa, which Cheese and MalumNator only appeared on.

Just a week behind, in promoting things for the EP, he released Izintombi as the fifth track and Mawunje as the last track in the EP.

Looking forward to having him on the 29th of January, 2021. He shares the album tracklist of his project.

1. Ntokzin – Happy Feelings ft. De Mthuda, Ta Skipper & Moscow

2. Ntokzin – NgineNtombi ft. De Mthuda, Sir Trill, Da Muziqal Chef & MalumNator

3. Ntokzin – Uk’jabula ft. De Mthuda, Ta Skipper, Josiah De Disciple & MalumNator

4. Ntokzin – Wola My Dawg ft. De Mthuda, Ta Skipper, Bibo, Njelic & MalumNator

5. Ntokzin – Izintombi ft. The Majestic, De Mthuda, MalumNator & Moscow

6. Ntokzin – iLobola ft. De Mthuda & MalumNator

7. Ntokzin – Vumani Bo ft. De Mthuda, Njelic, MalumNator, Nobantu Vilakazi & Gaba Cannal

8. Ntokzin – Kutsa ft. Cheese & MalumNator

9. Ntokzin – Kodwa Yini ft. De Mthuda & Khanya Greens

10. Ntokzin – Mawunje ft. De Mthuda & Mkeyz


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