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ALBUM: Pro-Tee – Boom-Base Volume 6 (Back To Bass)

Pro-Tee delivers something huge once again titled Boom Base Volume 6 (Back To Bass).

He packaged 25 GQom tracks into the folder and dished them out for his fans.

Opening the album with the original mix, he first delivered Dont Leave Me before giving it out to Woza We Mculi on i-Tsunami.

As one of the GQom hit makers the industry has given us, Pro Tee has been doing his part in making us proud.

He recently made a GQom remix of Spirit Lead Me by the World band, Hillsong United.

He also made sure he makes this another latest from him after appearing with King Saiman on Bass & Trumpets EP which they appeared as an amazing duo.

Opening something nice for the year, he drops this album.

Pro-Tee – Boom Base Volume 6 (Back To Bass)

1. Pro-Tee – Dont Leave Me (Original Mix)

2. Pro-Tee – i-Tsunami ft. Woza We Mculi

3. Pro-Tee – Bass Evolution ft. DJ Zebra

4. Pro-Tee – The General (Original mix)

5. Pro-Tee – The Rave-Yard ft. The Elevators

6. Pro-Tee – Heavy Machine Gun ft. Deelouw

7. Pro-Tee – The Dark Trumpet ft. King Saiman

8. Pro-Tee – The Undertaker ft. Dlala Chass

9. Pro-Tee – Church Trumpets ft. King Saiman

10. Pro-Tee – Let The Bass Break (Original mix)

11. Pro-Tee – Yi yiii (Gareth Vox)

12. Pro-Tee – Umshumayeli (Original mix)

13. Pro-Tee – A New Day (Sample Mix)

14. Pro-Tee – Just Add Bass (Original mix)

15. Pro-Tee – Keep Praying (Instrumental mix)

16. Pro-Tee – Generator

17. Pro-Tee – Imortal ft. DJ Sfrench

18. Pro-Tee – Sub Kontroller (Original Mix)

19. Pro-Tee – One Day (Instrumental)

20. Pro-Tee – 1000 Ways To Moove

21. Pro-Tee – The Electronic Gqom Masters ft. DJ Zebra & The Elevators

22. Pro-Tee – My Violin (Original mix)

23. Pro-Tee – Our Fathers Prayer 2.0 ft. DJ Behaviour & Mr Silver

24. Pro-Tee – 4-Spherr (The Broken Beat)

25. Pro-Tee – Broken Sgubhu (Bonus-Track)


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