Riky Rick introduces slides into « Cotton Fest » fashion


Cotton Fest season is upon us and Riky Rick is all focused on securing the bag, as he introduces footwear brand to his merch line for the annual gig.

The gig is a unique one in the history of SA hip hop, as it’s just beyond partying and vibing, but the whole event is a lifestyle, as it involves music, fashion and enjoyment.

Every year, the rapper tries to unveil something new and special about his merch, as it’s always on a high demand.

Taking to social media on Tuesday, Riky showed off slides in red and black colour, with the gig’s name on it.

Lots of followers fell in love with the red slides, after he requested that they pick a colour.

“Do me a favour… Which ones should we operate first🤷🏾‍♂️? ❤️ or 🖤?” he said.

Check it out below:


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