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LYRICS: Zingah – Crucial ft. AKA

verse 1 [Zingah]
I’m in the cut looking like I just smoked me a whole lot of… yeah
Ah huh, yeah that is crucial
I tell her fly out to KZN, it’s for the beach
M-hm, tell her it’s crucial
I never pay for the entrance and usage
Iskelem se Jewish so nenza niphelelwe imali
Nikoled’ iGucci, ukswenka is useless
I’m in the cut, except I’m elusive
You catching a lose mak’fika thina
Buk’ iscefe senza amanuisance
Ngivelelwe yi-?
Yonk’ ipromoter ngathi ifun ukunglethela amagroupie
And I’m getting tired of that
Ngabekwa lokho ngathi ufun’ ukletha banquni
And I ain’t even buy into that
I’m getting money outside the music
And I ain’t getting in ?
I just been wilding, I got the juice
And I, I ain’t even tryna say
Man fuck was you thinking
Kuthi ublind noma
Mina ngithand amaextra ama out-of-this-world, wena uthan inormal

verse 2 [AKA]
I got this cool shit
Don’t you know I’m the reason
Many of these rappers eating started fucking with Scoop
I am more Zulu than ninety percent of y’all busy rapping like Future
Emtee the only one who sounds authentic
Shout out to African Trap Music
Go ahead and take offense if the shoe fits
Check my scars, check my bruises
Check my credit card
Paid so many dues, even gave a stinna to the students
That’s a hundred large, that’s a ton of Big Macs
Why is Kiernan Forbes at the center of all the confusion
Social media jawns you can suck my balls
Through my fucking drawers, that’s Gucci
How you gon talk that talk
Jealousy, ba no mona, giving them chesties
Fuck a Vicks vapour rub, so refreshing
That is not marijuana, that is that mhlonyane
Even though I’m coloured, that’s my breakfast
Word to my Zulu man, make sure I recover
King like kwa Nongoma, give me blessing
Nah nah, I never get tired of that
If I was Smashis, I’d change my name to Zingah
Then come for my revenge


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