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On the cusp of Jamaica’s General Elections, Bounty Killer’s anger against the ruling Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) and the Opposition People’s National Party (PNP) has exploded, with him threatening to form his own political party, which is to be named the “Poor People Party” (PPP).

The Calaloo Bed native re-shared a video snippet on Instagram from what appears to be an intro to his new song in collaboration with Wayne Marshall and singjay Sample King, titled “Wey Yuh Want Wi Fi Do” and said his “Poor People Party” will be formed if the nation’s two factions do not change from their wicked ways.

Jamaicans will go to the polls tomorrow (September 3).

In the snippet which is illustrated in the form of a “World Newscast”, one of the television presenters who has a British accent states that: “Bounty Killer, the self-styled Poor People Governor wants to force the hands of the politicians, both PNP and JLP to bring about a change right away, or else he will start his own party”.

The other presenter who has a North American accent then added that: “Students in the working class are drowning in debt because of the high cost of living.  Because of this stance there is little hope for the future,” before the video ends.

Many of his fans gave him the thumbs up and pledged their support, some noting that they would make their first vote ever, in favour of the PPP.

“The church was trying why not @grunggaadzilla we the people needs real change. We need Jamaica to stand strong stop selling out the country and giving people from overseas better opportunities to invest in the country without the hassle like they do our own… Take back our Country,” ms_chin said.

One female expatriate who saw the post of the video intro, thought Bounty had actually started a political party, and expressed her happiness upon hearing the “news”.  According to her, she was waiting with bated breath.

“Omg I’m in shock right now because I always say this that the only time I will book my flight to go and vote is if bounty killer poor people governor will run and I meant it when I said it wow my mom always say speak things in existence and it will come true,” she said.

“I’m ready it been u forever my dream to see u run for prime mister my vote will be yours because I know within my heart you won’t disappoint your people because you was once in our shoes lord please make my dream and wish come true am ready waiting and willing,” she added.

Bounty’s onslaught on the JLP and the PNP erupted following the parties’ commissioning of dancehall dubplates from artistes during the campaign period, and came to a head on Saturday evening, just hours before incumbent Prime Minister Andrew Holness and his political rival Dr. Peter Phillips squared off in the National Leadership Debate, on live television.

At the time, Bounty Killer dropped a snippet of his song Slimey and Grimey, dismissing both party leaders as time-wasters.

“PNP and JLP Dubplate: The system slimey and grimey,” the warlord captioned that post.   In the song he expressed chagrin about the ‘Petrojam scandal’, scolded the politicians for selling Jamaica out to the “Chiney”,  a ‘poorly economy’, and  upbraided them for using dancehall as a scapegoats for their own shenanigans and even spiting reggae and dancehall artistes.

Bounty Killer took to arguing with, and defending himself in the slew of comments that came from his followers.  Among the comments was a warning from droopydog1982.

“Don’t mek dem find reason to lock u up. Dem don’t like when we speak up,” he said, to which the Warlord responded:  “The truth can’t be an offense when it’s our only defense”.

A day later he dropped another track in which he labeled the politicians as tricksters, asking how many tricks and lies they have up their sleeves, accused them of f—king up the place, gazing and  “looking in space and wasting time’.

“Politricksian,” he captioned the post.  “TRICKS out from 2016 and is still relevant.”

A few hours later he re-shared a “No Music No Vote” flyer, a reminder of the stance taken by members of the dancehall fraternity last year, when the Jamaica Constabulary Force hierarchy  decided to fully enforce the Noise Abatement Act.

“Dancehall is the most disorganized industry with the most confused players,” Bounty stated on the post.

The post also stated that neither political party had made any commitments to the development of  Jamaica’s music industry, despite using dancehall dubplates in their campaigns.

“Ok we understand this pandemic has caused the actually Dancehall space to be closed, but wah happen to preparing and building the infrastructor for our Industry when our boarders and our dancehalls are re-opened. Mi never hear @andrewholnessjm or @drpeterphillipsja address that, inna dem campaign,” the post said.

“Just the Verzuz battle alone should have changed their thinking on how this Reggae music impacts the general mass… What is it gonna take for our political leaders realize seh a Dancehall and Reggae music alone can bring the people together or is it that we should be constantly divided,” it added.


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