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Four months after Dancehall megastar Shaggy kick-started an ambitious quest for Bounty Killer and his compatriot Beenie Man to be given back their United States visas, the One General has made it clear that until the systemic injustices being meted out against black people in that country come to an end, he would rather remain ‘visa-less’.

In a new single titled Freedom, Bounty collaborates with singer Chevaughn as well as deejay Agent Sasco and his daughter Lauren’ LC’ Campbell and makes his displeasure with the shenanigans in the United States evident.

Freedom is supposedly the title track from his upcoming album of the same name, which the Warlord has said will be executively produced by Damian Marley.  Produced by Diamond Studios, the music for the song was composed by music producers Dale “Dizzle” Virgo and Serani.

According to the Poor People Governor, in all good conscience he, could not, of his own accord, actively seek out a visa to visit a country in which people from his race, are treated less than human, as he believes to do so would be traitorous.  In the latter part of his opening verse, over a thumping dancehall beat, he mercilessly flogs the powers that be, singing:

But listen mek mi tell oonu bluntly
Oonu naw guh collect dis Bounty (Hear wha nuh)
If a suh, oonu can keep di visa
No, mi naffi go back a yuh country
Oonu class wi as thugs and junkie
When a oonu send drugs and liquor fi drunk wi
An no yuh can’t trick wi bout slavery abolished
True di slaves get a little thing monthly

In the earlier part of his extensive opening verse, the Calaloo Bed native pointed to the systemic racism in the US, which he says enables the rights of black people to be infringed upon with impunity, and even killed unnecessarily by agents of the State, chief among them, the police.   The vexed artiste sang:

Di more wi pray dem hunt wi
Cause jus like prey dem hunt wi
No wi naw go get no peace at all
Until dem system fall like Humpty
Hey Offica, a wek wek yuh so jumpy
Why yuh always quick fi confront wi
Mi know mi can’t convince yuh say Black lives matter
When yuh think seh wi less than monkey

The full-length lyric video for the song, which was posted by Agent Sasco on Instagram on Friday, and on YouTube two weeks earlier, attracted scores of messages of commendation.

“There is hope for music and culture in Jamaica. This song is simply the epitome of class writing and composing. Di song lethal like heart attack!” one follower subbie noted, while an excited theartistdeadli wrote: “Love this ..PLEASE DROP more pon dem rasss….free we mental health”.

In May, following Bounty Killer and Beenie Man’s epic clash on VERZUZ,  Shaggy had called on the US Ambassador, the United States Embassy, and the Government of Jamaica, specifically Prime Minister Andrew Holness and Entertainment Minister, Olivia’ Babsy’ Grange, to put things in motion to reinstate the artistes’ visas, which were revoked in 2010 with no reason given by the Embassy.

The historic VERZUZ performance of the two, which is still being talked about today, had resulted in the platform’s followership ballooning to one million from less than 200,000 in 24 hours.

Shaggy had argued that despite their contribution to the industry, Bounty and Beenie Man were being shackled by the inability to travel after being slapped with the visa restrictions.  Stating that both men are musical ambassadors with the capacity to boost Brand Jamaica, Shaggy said the two dancehall veterans lifted the spirit of Jamaicans and provided positive exposure to its tourism, economy, and music.

In early June, Bounty Killer had indicated that he would be taking on the fight against racism following the killing of African American George Floyd, at the hands of a policeman in  Minnesota, which had sparked international outrage.

At the same time, he blamed racism as the reason for the cancellation of his US visa and, a few days later, joined a protest against racism “at the US Embassy” in Ligunea, St. Andrew, to show solidarity with black families in the US.

Bounty Killer protests

On June 6, the day of the protest, the Killer joined a throng of protestors on the other side of the street facing the Embassy’s Hope Road location, where he held up a placard calling for justice for Floyd.


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