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One of Buju Banton’s daughters, Abihail Myrie, says she’s interested in finding a photographer boyfriend but she brutally turned down one man who took a shot.

On Monday, Mryie, retweeted a group of photos of a female that were taken by her significant other, apparently on vacation. Abihail wrote “where do you guys find the men who are actually capable of taking good pictures of you??”

Before long, persons started sending her messages privately indicating their availability.  However, for one unlucky male, it didn’t quite go how he had hoped after shooting his shot with Buju Banton’s daughter.

He signaled that he was present with “I’m here” in her DMs, she viciously responded “wasn’t taking attendance”.

The guy was apparently hurt by the reply and responded with an expletive laden tirade against the entrepreneur. “Please, please, go sky dive inna the biggest blackest b—–e you can find. You f—–g piece of shit” which had the young Myrie bursting into laughter.

Abihail shared a screenshot of the conversation threatening to expose the man if she got just ten likes. However, she rescinded that offer to her followers saying that he had begged her not to, “him beg it out, him seh me nuffi tell unu” she wrote on Twitter.

However, persons still wanted to get the identity of the man and made several comments to indicate such. One person commented, “nah fam we just wanna talk to him since he has so much s__t to say”. Another commented “drop name babyyyy” while another said “spool ain’t gonna share” with the eyes emoji.

Myrie caused a stir in June when her photo entries in the viral #VogueChallenge were eventually featured by the magazine itself. The images, taken by photographer Wade Rhoden, were a hit and made it all the way to Good Morning America.


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