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Dancehall artiste Ce’cile is making it clear that she does not have COVID-19.

The Changez singer took to Instagram yesterday to ask people to stop spreading rumours that she has the coronavirus.  “Please do not call down this crosses virus pon me. I’ve never been tested. so how oonu a say me test come back positive? KMT,” she wrote in the post.

In her caption, she added that someone called JC, who she described as wicked, is spreading rumours about her having COVID-19 via Whatsapp. “Why you dweet J.C. whoever you are… as of todays date I HAVE NEVER BEEN TESTED FOR COVID AS I HAVE NEVER HAD ANY REASON TO.”

“It has come to my attention that its being circulated on Whatsapp group chats that my Covid test came back positive. SEVERAL persons have now called me about it. ”

The Waiting singer insists that she hasn’t been tested for the virus as she had no reason to get tested. Ce’cile went on to imply that the rumour is gaining traction as she has received phone calls from people about her COVID-19 status.

The singer reiterated that while she doesn’t have it now, people should stop “calling down” the virus on her. She said, “STOP CALL DOWN THIS CROSES VIRUS PAN ME NO PLEASE”.

She assured everyone that if she was COVID-19 she’d be the first one to break the news publicly.

One person commented, “Crosses J.C. dem… so dem love talk bout ppl business.. all when it nuh concern dem…kmt”

Ce’cile replied with, “haha me no even know a who fah bizniz dem a fling pon mi but at least get it right man”.

The comment sections was filled with support for Ce’cile and disdain for whoever JC was:

“Why these people have to go around and spread false news. Need to find something better to do.”

“Pay no attention to dem@badgyalcecile. Lonely, bitter people have nothing good to do but try and bring down others. Misery loves company”

“Don’t let wicked pple draw u out sis, I rebuke them in the name of jesus”

It’s unclear how the rumour got started in the first place.


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