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Dancehall artist D’Yani is back with a Vengeance, his latest music video of the same name.

The rising singer/ songwriter who’s been featured on Reggae Sumfest and BBC1Xtra this year, stands out among his peers for his unique register and refreshing sounds. Fusing dancehall, reggae, and R&B, the crooner is best known for his delivery on relatable circumstances, such as his take on loss on Heaven Telegram. For his newest project, D’Yani dives into the painful realities of romance, giving an even more convincing performance in the Damaniac Visualz directed clip. 

Speaking at last week’s video launch, D’Yani addressed the attentive, respectable turnout with details on the creative process. “Pretty much, it depicts everyday life, everyday emotions and mi aim to display that as best as possible with the video, worked real hard on it and we give thanks fi di turnout as well.” The music video sees D’Yani’s love interest lamenting his changed behaviour before he reveals his reason in the chorus: Same love that you giving me, same love that me guarantee/ Same f*****y you giving me, same f*****y me guarantee.” 

In spite of even her sister’s advances, D’Yani remains true to his girl, but by the end of the video, finds out that his efforts were futile — “you play with ma heart like kids in the park”. The mini soap opera does exactly what D’Yani set out to do and it helps that his clever rhymes cover an all too familiar situation. “Cause if you lie then yeah me lie too, yeah me know me spiteful/ Vengeance full me heart and me a tell you say it quite full /Give you everything and yet still you belly cya full/ Pretty pon the outside but the inside it scornful/ Over love me nah guh sidung and stress/ Do your ting because me nah fret,” he sings. 

As uncertainty lingers in the entertainment industry, D’Yani isn’t letting the pandemic slow him down. The talented emcee just dropped his L.L.A.P mixtape featuring some of his sharper singles such as Bakery and Entrepreneur and has already confirmed that his EP is in the works. Deftly titled ‘Dutch Pot,’ the pending project promises to be a flavorful presentation of the young star’s richest work. 


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