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In some troubling news, veteran dancehall artiste Alozade, whose real name is Michael Sterling, was taken to hospital after suffering a stroke a few days ago.

The singer/producer explained that the stroke happened at his home in St Andrew. The next morning he visited the University Hospital of the West Indies where he was diagnosed with a ‘haemorrhagic stroke’.

“It took about six to eight hours before anyone could see me because they are overwhelmed by the coronavirus, and I did a CT scan, and they found bleeding on the brain,” Alozade told Loop News.

He added, “I am going to be doing some physiotherapy. The doctors say I have made a remarkable recovery because my speech has come back, so ah just time my body needs to go through a natural healing process.”

The artiste seems to be on the mend. “The doctors say I am making a remarkable recover so thanks to everyone for their prayers and kind wishes,” he said.

His longtime musical friend Chico also posted a message to fans on his Instagram account today. “Alozade is ok ppl #God #ah #God @djalozade #salute !!! #health #over #wealth .”

Alozade rose to fame after his unique use of profanity and has performed at some of the biggest Jamaican reggae festivals, including Sumfest and Sting.

He first gained notice in 1999 with his track Street Dreams which was released on Byron Murray’s In The Streets label. However, his biggest hit would come in 2000 with Bad Man Nuh Pet Gal.

He changed focus from singing and began working as a producer for his own South Block label. He had a successful go at it scoring with some hit singles like with Capleton’s In Her Heart in 2004 and Elephant Man’s Keeping It Jiggy. He has also performed in Europe in countries like Italy, France, Hungary, Belgium, Norway, and Switzerland.

Fans have poured in their thoughts and prayers, in the hope that he makes a speedy recovery.

“More life more blessings to this youth yah @djAlozade God a God,” while another said: “More blessings guidance and protection.”


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