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Imagine Dancehall songstress D’Angel as a once reigning Miss World.  You can see it clearly – the dancehall artiste, actress, former model, and brand ambassador proudly representing Jamaica with grace, elegance, and beauty. Well, if you can’t, it doesn’t really matter because D’Angel thinks she has what it takes to make a Miss World.

Jamaica has now won four Miss World titles to date -1963, 1976, 1993, and 2019. Four remarkable women showed the world that likkle Jamaica tallawah. How about a dancehall favorite taking the crown?

Michelle’ D’Angel’ Downer, self-proclaimed ‘Lady of the dancehall’ is a vision of beauty, a ball of personality, and a fashionable woman that can make big things happen, like, a Miss World crown landing on her head.

In her latest Instagram post, the self-assured, confident Talk About artiste is photographed on the beach, leaning casually against an old tree, showcasing her slender, lean, and colorful bikini-clad body.

With the sunset in the background and her seductive stare into the camera, she channels the confidence of a Miss World, captioning the photo: “I could have been Miss World But I chose other paths #turnhimonfriday.”

D’Angel’s fans appreciated the post and were feeling her vibes, agreeing with her sentiments in the comment section of her Instagram page.

“Facts I agree ,” stated one fan. “You are Ms. World in your own rights & in many eyes,” another added.

Another wrote, “Trust me u coulda been.” “Ur so right facts,” said another.

“You don’t need them to crown you @dangelmusic you are my Miss World black queen dem younger gal nuh have nothing on you I mean nothing,” someone commented.

What qualities of a Miss World does D’Angel possess? Let’s break down a few.

A Miss World must be confident, and she exudes immense confidence in the way she speaks and presents herself.

A Miss World must have a unique personality, and D’Angel has that ability to light up a room while being her authentic self.

A Miss World must have a sense of purpose, and the ‘Lady of the dancehall’ champions female empowerment, which is expressed through her music.

D’Angel has chosen other paths to pursue, perhaps putting any Miss World aspirations in her’ dream box.’ Today, she’s a dancehall singjay powerhouse that wears a few other hats, including entrepreneur and actress. Without a doubt, she is a force to be reckoned with.


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