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The Dancehall fraternity has been left feeling mourning after music producer Jbad was killed.

Reports coming forward say, that the talented producer was sitting in his car when he was ambushed by an unknown assailant who shot him several times before making good their escape.

This has led to an outpouring of grief from fellow members of music fraternity for the CEO of J1 Productions. Chief among them is his partner and dancehall artiste BonnielIn, who used social media to express her grief.

“Me in denial bredda. God wouldn’t do this. He wouldn’t separate us. Cause him know we depend on each other too much for sanity. I know he won’t keep us separated for long. I’ll see you again soon. I wish I will. I hope I wi. Since you can’t come back I’ll meet you one day. Until then I’ll let your legacy live in. I love you in life and in death. Forever and always. You took a big part of me with you. A big part of me,” she noted as a caption under of video of her and the slain producer.

In another post she called Jbad her light in the darkness during their 2+ years of being in a relationship, calling it a real-life Bonnie and Clyde situation.

Others have also expressed their grief about Jbad’s passing, including songbird Lila Iké. Under a post on Jbad’s Instagram account, she says “b——–t bro a web day me a chat to u kmt.”

Sikka Rymes also expressed his sadness on the matter with “RIP FAMILY Aka Bad Producer aka Bad Bro.” He also had a message for Bonnielin to who he said, “Sis gawn will it.”

Jbad is known for the work he has done with songs such as Stay Strong, Top Form, and Energy from dancehall star Masicka. He is also credited with working with Govana, Tommy Lee Sparta, and Vershon, among others.

The producer’s latest project was the Execution Riddim.




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