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Popcaan may be missing the stage, but it seems that he has other things going on with the latest being a music video shoot in Jamaica with US rapper Dave East.

East has been spotted on the island, confirming speculation that he would be putting in the work and hanging with the OVO signed artiste. East and Popcaan have collaborated on a track dubbed Unruly, which is a Popcaan catchphrase and the name of his entertainment group.  Unruly appears on East’s mixtape titled Karma 3, which was released by the rapper in August.

Scenes of the video were shot in Tivoli Gardens, which included night based shots. The video seemingly included a number of children as part of the backdrop, and reggae singer Dre Island seems to have made a cameo.

Both men have since taken to Instagram to share footage of the happenings.

Popcaan had tagged the rapper in a picture on Monday with the caption “Tivoli Garden style rifle oil,” which got the place buzzing about what was happening.

He subsequently added more pictures of the two hanging out and shooting the video, which were captioned, “Outside.”

For East’s part, he added a couple of videos, which gave a more insightful look as to what was transpiring.

One post had the caption “Run it Uppppp!!! I Can Not Slow Down I Ain’t Done Enough!!!! (Jamaica flag emoji) No Green Screen! Trenches” which saw him and the Fixtape artiste walking with a multitude of children along with members of their entourage.

East had earlier uploaded another video of himself and members of his crew in Downtown Kingston which he captioned as “Unruly,” which basically confirmed what they were planning to do.

Unruly is the first collaboration between the two, and based on the flow in the track, there could be more to come.

News had come forward recently that East was trying to get to Florida and then Jamaica but had some issues on a Delta flight. However, he has managed to get to his final destination, and it seems he has put that behind him and is enjoying himself.



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