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Dancehall artiste Pamputtae is spending the day delivering school supplies to single mothers in need, courtesy of her Single Mother Foundation. The organization staged its inaugural back-to-school treat in her Fletcher’s Land, West Kingston, hometown last year, but the COVID-19 pandemic has called for some adjustments. Equipped with her mask, hand sanitizer, and a carload of goodies, Pamputtae is not letting a pandemic stop her mission. 

“It’s the right thing to do, and although the kids not going to school, you really need them to focus same way on school things,” Pamputtae told DancehallMag. “A lot of mothers and a lot of people a bawl so you still waa dem feel good same way. I’m really helping out the moms with what they can’t afford or what they don’t have. I play my part to help them.”

Pamputtae delivers school supplies through ‘Single Mother Foundation’

Pamputtae said her foundation receives support from several donors, including small organizations, but is imploring others to join the cause.

“You have some people weh seh dem nuh really have much but dem a give weh dem have cause you know we nuh give nobody nutten fi put down, but every mikkle mek a muckle,” she said. “Some people still support di ting same way, but we need more help so people can definitely reach out to me by sending me a DM on Instagram or any social media platform that I have. They can also link me on 876-362-5090.”

She is also looking to add food items to her foundation’s contributions.

“Right now my next move is to get some food stuff to donate like the likkle mac and cheese like when di kids a go deh home…” she said. “Mi a go Allman Town, Fletcher’s Land, South Side, Trench Town, Spoilers, fi try get some people weh mi know need help. Mi nah talk bout people weh want help. Mi have over 200 school bags right now and me a go do the drop-offs. Nobody nah up wid mi cause you know a COVID time so me a do weh mi haffi do.”

Education minister Karl Samuda recently announced the delay of schools being reopened to October 5 on a phased basis, based on an increase in COVID-19 cases. Pamputtae was among many parents who had to switch to home and online schooling in the latter part of last semester because of the coronavirus. Despite the new normal, she said adjusting isn’t too challenging as she has always been active in her children’s education. 

“A something weh mi always do nuh care how far mi deh I’m there to help my kids. Even when mi overseas a work mi still video call. Back then when mi never have the video call, mi get mi big son fi help my younger son with him school work. Mi a one a dem madda deh weh always try cause mi know how it go and mi always try fi share cause mi know how it go as a single mother. I know the things dem weh di people dem a go through.”

While running a foundation and being a 24/7 mom, Pamputtae also balances her music career with new releases and visuals. She recently formed part of the Pink rhythm music video medley, for which she contributed the track Hook. The all-female rhythm project, produced by Rekit Ralf Music, also features acts including Macka Diamond, D’Angel, Yanique ‘Curvy’ Diva, Lisa Hyper, Pretty Devil and Goody Plum.  Pamputtae said a virtual concert promoting the production is underway.

“You know dem a seh di female dem nuh really give each other strength, but I’m part of that project so dem a go do a whole concert pertaining to the Pink rhythm,” she said. “Mi never stop working. Mi still a shoot music video, still a promote same way, still a do some things pon the side fi try mek two ends meet. I’m still a single mother same way, still a look bout mi kids same way meanwhile mi a look bout fi others. A just so it go.”


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