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Dancehall producer Delomar said he believes he can help fix the strained relationship between sparring dancehall acts Lisa Hyper and Pamputtae.

Delomar who makes up one-half of the dancehall group RDX, recently dropped his all-female ‘pink riddim’ which features both Pamputtae and Hyper.

The producer revealed that the feud between the two artiste was not necessarily the reason why Lisa Hyper, whose real name is Felecia Gooden, was absent from joint promotional activity for the riddim.

According to Delomar, Lisa Hyper’s agent has said that they were not yet ready for the artiste to do any promotional activities, citing other on-going work.

Nonetheless, Delomar said he was aware that the on-going feud between the women has created some friction.

“Which you know seh Pamputtae and Lisa Hyper nuh really good. And that is a fence that I have to fix – I have to build it. It is not mend as yet. I am working on that. And If I can pull that off then, I know that It would create a huge impact on females who are having issues with other females,” Delomar told DancehallMag.

“So once I can fix that, I think that would mend all other fence,” added Delomar, noting that ending the feud would serve as a symbolic gesture to other female acts that they are stronger together.

The producer noted that part of his motivation for having an all female riddim was to unite female acts.

Delomar (center)

Delomar went on the explain that there was a perception in the dancehall industry that female artistes are hard to work with.

He further explained that because it is a male-dominated industry and both sexes communicate differently, the communication barrier limits female artistes.

“When the males talk the females them tend fi either feel embarrassed or fi small; so they have to put on a persona now to make themselves feel good,” said Delomar.

“So when them put on this persona now, then the males now feel like seh I don’t want to touch or work with them- leave that alone, ” added Delomar.

Coupled with the limitation of communication, Delomar also cited a lack of organization.

“My opinion and being that I have now worked with females, they don’t have a structure- them wild and emotional bad,” said Delomar.


“They are very emotional and because they’re emotional and they are getting so much fight in the business they tend to protect themselves a whole lot: so the least little thing you say to them they take it as you fighting against them; basically you have to be careful how you talk to them,” he added.

Despite the steep learning curve that comes with working with an all-female gang, Delomar told Dancehall Mag that he realised that being able to break down some of those barriers creates a great opportunity for his label.

Delomar said that at this current time he was pursuing his solo career and taking some time away from RDX, he recently launched his Rekit Ralf Music and is currently managing a female artiste.


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