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Dancehall singer Denyque may not be joining the rat race for political dubplates, but she sure is dubbing it for BOJ (Bank Of Jamaica). The new dubplate and its vibrantly choreographed video premiered on Thursday, August 27, on Twitter by BOJ as their 2020 campaign song with a message to stabilize inflation rates.

It’s evident Denyque, with the help of a few animated dancers, surpassed their expectations on the project, as Bank’s proud tweet read: “Ladies and Gentlemen; Kings and Queens… Presenting…the WORLD PREMIERE…of BOJ’s long-awaited inflation-targeting dubplate for 2020, featuring Denyque and the low, stable, and predictable inflation dancers!”

Donovan Watkis of Think Media Ltd said, “it was great directing Denyque for this ad in the series for Bank Of Jamaica.  We went to the studio and I produced all new music then shot the music video.”

Shot inside the BOJ building along with other locales in and around Kingston City, including Half Way Tree and the eye-catching Transportation Center, Denyque and her theatrical team put on an energetic performance complete with some popular Jamaican dance moves for a very entertaining display.

“The video has been viewed almost 500k times since its release three days ago, and it is yet to hit the local or international news cycle. Sky News and Yahoo both shared. It has certainly exceeded our expectations. It is outpacing all the other advertisements and getting attention from as far as Africa, Asia, Europe, Wallstreet, and the economists’ circles all over the globe.”

“Both the Canadian Central Bank Governor, and the UK central Bank Governor have expressed how impressed they are and want other Central banks to use culture to communicate complex subjects. And that’s what I do with my company Think Media LTD for our client,” Watkis said.

In sounding somewhat of a jingle, Denyque craftily verses her rhymes about managing inflation, and the institution’s plans to do so. “We nuh want it too high, we nuh want it too low, when inflation stable and predictable that’s the way to go! Cah when it too high people a go cry, when it too low the economy can’t grow,” she sings.

The song goes on to say that along with BOJ, the GOJ (Government of Jamaica) ‘run di place’ providing low lending rates and stability.

The ‘inflation targeting dubplate’ seems to be a hit on social media. With great satisfaction, BOJ returned their thanks to many, even with some very playful responses. In one reply, they embedded a clip from the Beenie Man and Bounty Killer Verzuz Battle, where Beenie was doing one of his wacky dances, and said, “We try…very glad you like it, and thank you very much!”

Denyque certainly nailed BOJ’s 2020 inflation targeting campaign song this year, but it’s no new deed.

The central bank has used many Jamaican musicians and public figures to spearhead these marketing drives over the years, some of which include Reggae singer Taurus Riley, TVJ’s Intense host, Talia Soares, and local actor Donald Anderson to name a few. Watch them below –


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