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Tommy Lee Sparta’s former protege Destiny Sparta, who recently made an about-turn away from dancehall towards Christianity, is now describing the genre as inherently evil.

Sparta revealed her feelings about dancehall during a brief Instagram Live video which she captioned: “Dancehall Industry is the devil’s playground. Self reflect and love more #destinythematriarch.”

She did not hold back her feelings about the genre.

“Dancehall industry is the devil’s playground, there is no love, no genuine love for one another. There is just self-seeking and a whole heap ah witchcraft. People will do almost anything and everything to reach to the top and stay at the top,” a combative sounding Sparta said as she delivered her two cents.

Sparta, wearing a matronly red dress and leopard scarf, continued on to say that many of the artistes who are being admired by fans are actually stressed out and sad. In the end, the industry is draining and leaves everyone paranoid, she said. It’s no place for smart women she added.

“Sex sells, so we sell all kinna foolishness,” she added. Sparta also said that many female artistes are walking around with inflated egos and that they needed to come back down to earth and try to find God. She then explained where her feelings, which appeared to come from a place of bitterness, were being projected from.

“So, I was in the dancehall industry for a while, a very long time and it was like every time I was supposed to cross the finish line to go where me supposed to reach is like me cah reach and all this time God ah send me in ah different direction,” she said.

She added that she almost lost her life twice as an artiste and still refused to listen to ‘God’s direction’. Sparta described her situation as being a bad child who something “drastic” has happened to and the child’s parent still intervenes out of love.

This she added was the reason that she turned her heart to her faith as she believes that God told her she “has a purpose in life” and that he was now guiding her to her “divine destiny.”

Just about two weeks ago Sparta told the STAR about her decision and how unhappy she was with her career because she was under a lot of stress.

She admitted becoming addicted to weed and alcohol and being in a toxic relationship. The combination of factors caused her to ask her mother for prayer one night, she recalled.

“June 28, mi nah figet the date. Mi mother is a Christian and I told her to pray for me. I also told her to find some prayers on YouTube and play for me and she found Cindy Trim’s The Atomic Prayer and while she was playing it, I just started to have a reaction. For a while, I knew something had been going on with me spiritually but I never knew what it was,” she said.

She seems to be prepping for a preacher’s role and so has decided to throw her Dancehall experience to the wolves.


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