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Forget ‘Uptop Boss’. Fans of dancehall artiste Teejay are now calling him the ‘Tall and Skinny Boss’ following new photos that reveal a trimmer deejay. 

The My Type artiste posted the images on his Instagram account today, which seemed to have been captured at a music video shoot. Although he appeared fresh in a crisp baby pink dress shirt, denim skinnies, and a pair of white Air Force 1s, it was his evident weight loss that dominated the comments.

“Teejay!! Yaaaaassss!! Come thru good body,” said one fan. “I like the transformation,” chimed another.


Other comments included, “Zadddy mi love dah look yah,” “Man tun tall and slimmmmm okaii,” “Babe u lose the belly…sexy yuh f**k.”, “Like the weight loss, it suits you. Health is strength.”

Then came the inevitable comment, “Now watch the gal them who never want the man when him belly did big…”

While the Romeich Entertainment act did not refer to his slimmer physique in the post’s caption, he has removed all photos from his account that antecede June 2020. The existing timeline hosts images of his new physique, which contrasts the stout TeeJay that emerged on the scene in 2018 when he made his big break on the Reggae Sumfest stage. 

The deejay has since built a catalog that is balanced with motivational singles, gangster joints, and panty-droppers, the latter of which has made him a sex symbol for some women.

TeeJay’s new look.

At the time of his breakout, other stout acts like Squash and Chronic Law were also rising and gaining favour with the ladies, making stout the trending sexy of Dancehall. But just to be clear, chunky male figures have always existed, thrived, and exuded sexual prowess in Dancehall. Demarco, Bling Dawg, Roundhead, Josey Wales, and Admiral Bailey are just a few on the list, with Bailey even singing about the sexual skills of the Big, Belly Man in his 1987 song of the same name.

On the other hand, many of these stout stars have also adopted new lifestyles which prioritize health and fitness, like Bling Dawg, who practically lives at the gym, and Demarco, who is flexing more muscles than belly these days.

I-Octane also joins the new #TeamFitness after shedding inches from his waist, which he premiered at Rebel Salute in January.

Perhaps the most viral Dancehall belly of them all, Beenie Man’s, is also going down after he committed to getting fit after being roasted during his Verzuz battle with Bounty Killer in May.


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