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The Dancehall arena this week had a burst of cool riddims and flows from some pretty popular talents in the game. Jada Kingdom dropped a catchy girls anthem, while Ding Dong slaked a need we never knew we had in an energetic dance track. Rytikal shows us what’s inside his Cookie Jar and Shenseea says she’s no “poppy show” for any man.

Vybz Kartel and Massive B’s Bobby Konders blessed us with a premiere that featured two GAZA affiliates.  Kartel also takes on another track in an indecent collab with the 6ixx Boss, Squash. Intence and IWaata are creating all kinds of HAVOC with several releases and 4th Genna prodigy, Govana gets the gold medal for his chilling new music video.

There is so much more to enjoy; check out our top picks this week for your Dancehall playlists, with exclusive highlights, reviews, playlists and accompanying music videos for each below.

In no particular order:

Govana – Strike Force

Dancehall artiste Govana thrills his fans in a new chill-effecting single and music video today entitled Strike Force. In replicated scenes from the twisted, psychological thriller, Joker, we are taken into a ghastly plot of torture and bloodshed, as the 4th Genna deejay stamps his merits as a certified gangster in lyrics.

“Ha ha haa, shoot dem and laugh like Joker, high grade smoker but shoot boy sober/ Shub di A1 like a child in the stroller … hit dem wid di 16 p**yhole seet. Yeah him in a di suitcase, yeah mi come fi it. Anyting you si mi sen pon a crime, know dem cant come back until it complete, sm’body haffi missing like mi son front teet,” are just some of his evil verses.

Released on September 18, produced by Di Genius Records and RD Studios, watch Govona’s Strike Force below –

Shenseea – Rebel

In her new single, Dancehall A-lister, Shenseea says she’s a Rebel and will always be one. So any man who has their eyes set on this vixen better know what they’re getting into. “You nah go hold me down. No I’d rather be alone. You can’t tell me weh fi do, weh fi go, how fi dress, mi no poppy show. Me a di star/ Me na hitch under man arm like roll-on. Boss position bwoy cant try program me. Rebel from day one, real bad gyal,” are just snippets of her very bossy lyrics.

Released on September 15 on the Liquid Sunshine Riddim, produced by Zum and Good Good Production and distributed by Zoja World Wide, listen to the official audio for Shenseea’s new track Rebel here –

Jada Kingdom – Pretty Gang

Songbird Jada Kingdom is back this week with a sweet sweet release dubbed Pretty Gang, the Kingdom Mab (KMAB). No need for photoshop or Instagram filters; Jada’s Mabs are natural beauts …

“Pretty Gang nuh only look good pon di Gram, got di body weh a mad dem man. Have we own money, we nuh stretch hand. Kingdom Mab, just pree how we clean, dem can’t keep up to speed and we neva haffi compete yah…” is a preview of her sharp lyrics.

Released on September 14, produced by Twinkle Media, Pop Style Music and Mathsofmind Production, listen to Pretty Gang here –

Mavado – Clean

The Gully Gad says he is “Clean every day and have one bag a gyal in a me DNA,” in his new single. Affirming his success and dominance in the game, Mavado says even if you were to take “spaceship” you couldn’t get to his level in life. “A nuh everybody can do wha we do … stack up the bank account and we neva stop count and live the same way,” he boasts.

“Yuh baby modda know mi route … dem boy deh a clown plus a April’s fools, my team bullet proof. Obsession obsession leave dem in depression … You no see seh mi come back fresh like maple leaf,” he says in more flashy rhymes.

Released on Septmeber 18, produced by Jonny Blaze and Stadic, listen to Mavado performing his new single Clean on the Hustlers Riddim below –

Konshens – On My Way

Dancehall artiste Konshens has a new release this week; this one is On My Way. Through his hard work and dedication the deejay is steadfast to make more of his life. So his lyrics says, “On my way, tell di money I’m on my way. Don’t know if they gon’ stop me but it sure wont be today and mi nu know if it going to be tomorrow.”

As he tales hardships growing up, he says he’s a hustler and will be grinding till the end. “Man a go fi money from mi likkle, hustler from mi deh pon mommy nipple. Nah beg a soul fi a likkle, after mi nu blind, memba mi nu cripple.”

Released today, September 18, produced by Jonny Blaze and Stadic, listen to Konshens performing his new single On My Way on the Hustlers Riddim below –

Masicka – Memories

“More time mi jus light up a spliff and hol a meds yuh hear dat,” Masicka intros his new track. He then shares a series of painful Memories and expresses the rage he has in his heart for his enemies.

In the single, the deejay is tormented by horrible thoughts of the “jailhouse” and “cemetery” and speaks about how they’ve eliminated his dreams. It’s not an easy life he says, “a no roller coaster life, a no Ferris wheel/ The devil is real.” But by the sweet melodies, his life and family is all right.

Released on September 12, produced by Natural Bond Entertainment, listen to the official audio for Masicka’s new single Memories on the Gold Leaf Riddim here-

Deep Jahi – Private Party

Deep Jahi is having a Private Party with all the pretty girls and just his close friends. “We have the money, we have the car dem, we have the condo, gal dem nuff to yuh nu dawg,” the deejay says as the visuals unveils a fleet of females pulling up to his crib wearing impy-skimpy bikinis for a day by the poolside.

The bouncers at the front are holding down the fort pretty well, so there’s no entry for uninvited guests. The only problem is, Smuckums is inside and her man is looking for her…

Released September 12, produced by Natural Bond Entertainment on the Gold Leaf Riddim and directed by Shot N’ Stunning Production, watch Jahi’s Private Party here –

Teejay – Who You

The multifaceted Teejay bolsters his badman persona in this new single Who You, just in case you forgot he was a real gangster. “Press up eh Glock and wet it pon dem/ Nuh mek me buck you pon di causeway or pon di ferry / We nuh care Who You, shot a fly through yuh,” are some of his lethal lyrics.

Released on September 12, produced by Natural Bond Entertainment, listen to the official audio for Teejay’s new single Who You on the Gold Leaf Riddim here-

Intence & IWaata – HAVOC

Dancehall’s most trending and fresh-faced; Intence and IWaata, fearlessly delve into this very gutsy diss track, HAVOC. Dropping subliminal jabs here and there, the deejays leave many to believe Dancehall tycoon Vybz Kartel may have been their target.

They identify their nemesis as a “friend killer’ in the verses, “Dem fi dead, dem kill couple friend for bonus … like coaster pon di road dah 45 yah fully load up, says Intence.” Then IWaata adds, “Yuh kill yuh friend so yuh nu real. Friend-killer mi fold up/ chop up boy body fine, body bag/ One in a di chamber and mi dwag …” as he gestures the slaughter.

Released on September 12, produced by Zimi Entertainment, mixed and mastered by Franc White and shot by KD Visualz, check out HAVOC with Intence and IWaata below.

IWaata – Ratingz

Dancehall artiste IWaata has felt the heavy blunt of deceit from a friend in his new track Ratingz. Through some illustrative rhymes, he details the disappointing revelation of betrayal.

“A me rate you bwoy, ah neva you rate me. As likkle good start show, mi see it clear seh you hate me,” is the hook, intermittently on repeat as he talks about a fake friend that not only hit on his girl behind his back, but also attempted to “buss him jelly.”

Released on September 14, produced by Romeich Entertainment, chopped by T.A.K. African Kydd, watch IWaata’s music video for Ratingz here –

Ding Dong – Gweh

Dancehall artiste, Ding Dong rounds up his troop; Desha Ravers, Bravo Ravers and his label manager Romeich for this exciting dance track entitled, Gweh.

The Ravers Clavers deejay blasts out a string of loathing verses to the pests, sellouts and enemies out there while gesturing dance moves to do the same. Choreographed by his resident dance creator, Desha Ravers, the crew shows off some energetic dance moves in the music video to “fan dem like ah fly.”

Released on September 12, produced by Romeich Entertainment and RD Studio watch Ding Dong’s music video for Gweh here –

Rytikal – Cookie Jar

EastSyde Record’s very own Rytikal takes a break from his galactic mindset to double down on this tune for the ladies. What he has to offer is his Cookie Jar and according the deejay, the ladies like his sweet treat.

We see this in the accompanying music video, which released with the new track. Rytikal holds down the base, skippering a house filled with a dozen ladies or more all wanting what’s inside his Cookie Jar.

Released on September 14, produced by Dynasty Entertainment Group in part with Island Wave Entertainment. See the official music video for Cookie Jar here –

Chronic Law & Daddy1 – Style Shot

6ix Crew colleagues, Chronic Law and Daddy 1 join forces to swagger their style, flaunt their richness and many ladies in this new single Style Shot. The music video focuses on a bawdy performance courtesy of what appears to be exotic dancers as they put on a private party for just the two deejays.

Released on September 16, produced by 6ixReal Records / Attomatic Records, Dark Moon Cinema and distributed by Hapilos, watch Style Shot performed by the Law Boss and Daddy 1 on the Symbolic Riddim here –

Shaneil Muir – Hoax

Dancehall newcomer Shaneil Muir has been making waves since her emergence on the scene. Her release Same Guy with Denyque created quite a stir last week and now her latest single Hoax is summing up to have the same impact.

Always speaking her truth, the singer says she simply can’t trust friends again, “Dem nuh stab yuh in a back nu more, dem a look in you face and cross yuh,” she lyrics in the intro of the track.

Hoax finds Shaneil mobilizing her usual dominating tones and matching them in profound verses like, “Secret a nuh secret if you tell somebody. Nobody can’t style me and come tell me sorry,”… making you hang on to her every word.

Released on September 16, produced by 6ixReal Records / Attomatic Records, and distributed by Hapilos, listen to the official audio of Shaniel performing her single Hoax on the Symbolic Riddim here –

Vybz Kartel & Squash – Moon Walk

Dancehall artistes Vybz Kartel and Squash are your trusted girl-snatching duo in this new single Moon Walk. The Worl Boss says his has 6 million ways to take your girl and teases the hook, “She don’t want you back mothaf***, dog nyam yuh suppa.”

The 6ix Boss, Squash details his girl stealing skills through some very lewd deeds but its her favours in return that sends him howling like Michael Jackson and for Kartel, to “Moon Walk” like the pop icon.

Released on September 16, produced by 6ixReal Records / Attomatic Records, Dark Moon Cinema and distributed by Hapilos, listen to Moon Walk on the Symbolic Riddim here –

Jafrass – West Side

Jahfrass says “suh we dweet” in his single West Side. The deejay and his West Side friends are from the ‘best ground’, while they are best known for being gangsters in their district, they’re also pros at taking you girl.

Released on September 16, produced by 6ixReal Records / Attomatic Records, check out Jafrass performing West Side on the Symbolic Riddim below –

Vybz Kartel | Lisa Mercedez | Sikka Rymes | Bobby Konders – Badman

Vybz Kartel appears in another new release this week, Badman with popular sound selector Bobby Konders of Massive B alongside his GAZA subordinates, Sikka Rymes and Lisa Mercedez.

The GAZA trio takes listeners on a very Gotham City like journey of grim and gore. Kartel unleashes his lyrics depicting gunfire and bloodshed. “Badman nuh run joke, we cut throat. Chip Glock, gun smoke, blood sport …” while his GAZA crew backs his authority.

Released on September 16, produced by Merlin, Symphonic Distribution on behalf of Massive B, listen to the premiere of Badman here-

Intence – Grimey

Dancehall artiste Intence gets quite Grimey in his remake of American rapper, Def Loaf’s 2014 hit single Try Me. The Yengbadness deejay’s version is dubbed Grimey to warn his nemesis just how sinister he can really get.

On a subdued beat to the original Try Me single, Intence spills his wicked lyrics, “Di AK ah play in a sm’bady body, lef dem fold up like di man 90, condolences to the family, you know me sarry, body look crawny dem haffi embalm eh.”

Released on September 16, produced by One Time Music, directed by Noel OneTime, shot by Banks Films and chopped by Saint Mula, watch Grimey below –

Daddy1 – Double Up

Dancehall neophyte Daddy 1 is on a roll this week, dropping yet another new track called Double Up and showing off his slick rapping skills. The young deejay sings about doubling up his coils of cash as well as his girls.

“Drip drip pon mi wristband, we have money like sea sand, mi got a offshore bank account in a Switzerland” he says bragging how rich he is. Then on to his many girls, “Get gyal in a minute it nuh take me three/ Second gyal fi di day suh dat double/ Got gyal in every letter of di alphabet,” he says.

Released on September 16, produced Papi Don Muziq and distributed by Zojak Worldwide, watch Double Up here –

Chronic Law – In Too Deep

The Law Boss delivers this sorrowful slow tune to free some dark thoughts from his mind. He wants nothing more than revenge but is told to let it be, “Mi have a heart but mi nuh know weh fi mi heart beat inside. Mash up yuh cyah go find parts fi it. Revenge is a must that’s why war sweet.”

Now his instability raises concerns from family, friends and even the police. “Police a warn mi daddy hard a seh mi have nuff killa and nuff gun inna mi yard dem tell mummi fi pray fi mi because mi probably guard.”

Released on September 17, produced Shawn Dan Production, listen to Chronic Law performing In Too Deep in the official animated video here –

Jah Vinci – You Alone

It seems Jah Vinci has had a brimful life of betrayal from everyone including his friends. In his new single You Alone, he says God is the only one he trusts. “Jah you alone, a you alone mi a trust cause mi cant trust people nu more. A you alone mi a talk to and tell me problems for sure. A you alone mi a trust cause mi cant trust mi friend dem nuh more,” he sings in very weighty verses.

Released on September 18, produced by Notnice Records, watch Jah Vinci’s You Alone below –

I Waata – Lota Trouble

IWaata is never short of lyrics as he appears in another brand new track this week. The deejay has had a steady succession of musical releases in just this month alone, dropping 5 tracks back to back. His latest Lota Trouble finds the artiste feeling a little restless and consumed with impulse to cause ‘a lot of touble’.

“Right now mi feel like give a lot a trouble… it hot like when a pot a bubble… Go tell dem stay far mi nuh want nu hail dawg. True dem f**ing ears hard dem end up a graveyard,” he laments in his lyrics.

Released on September 18, by executive producer Johnny Wonder, in part with Adde Instrumentals and shot by Dameon Gayle, watch IWaata in Lota Trouble here –



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