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In a blockbuster production with Di Genius Records and RD Studios, Dancehall artiste Govana has dropped a new single Strike Force with a pretty intriguing music video that’s already pulling in massive appeal with the fans.

The release hit streaming via YouTube today on GovanaVEVO where you can find the very stirring and theatrical display.

Encapsulating movie scenes from the psychological thriller Joker, the 4th Genna deejay recruits his very own Goth looking clown to taunt and intimidate without limit. The plot takes us to a worn and abandoned house and what the “Strike Force” uses as a torturing base.


Assuming his role as the executioner, the Joker playfully parades his weaponry like toys to affect an unpredictable scare like no other. True to character, he torments his veiled victim; aiming golf balls in his direction, whipping out his machete to inflict fear, and firing up his power-saw to eventually carry out the assault in a hunt. Watch more below.

“Ha ha haa, shoot dem and laugh like Joker, high grade smoker but shoot boy sober,” Govana narrates the horror film music video, to then go on and list his High-Tec catalogue of machinery: “9 Milli Cobra, bad wid di 40, wid di 9 to mi Bola …have too much rifle fi go frighten fi soldier,” he says.

Branding him self as the ultimate killer in the streets, he says ‘contract killing is big income,’ and then details several of his killing sprees.

“Shub di A1 like a child in the stroller … hit dem wid di 16 p**yhole seet. Yeah him in a di suitcase, yeah mi come fi it. Anyting you si mi sen pon a crime, know dem cant come back until it complete, sm’body haffi missing like mi son front teet,” he continues.

Listen more and check out Govana’s new single Strike Force here –


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