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The team behind the hit single Hold You—the 2010 song of the summer—is back together, with Billboard hit producer Ricky Blaze reuniting with Gyptian for Deh Yah. This time they have brought in Bermudian reggae/dancehall superstar Collie Buddz who adds hard-hitting lyrics to the infectious rhythm.

Collie Buddz is known for his hits like Love & Reggae, Come Around, and Mamacita– the songs that ran 2007 and 2008. Deh Yah was released on 9/11 is expected to set a huge record for the two hitmakers. Gyptian is no stranger to success and is famous for his other hits like Serious Times and Beautiful Lady.

While the song is a fusion of reggae and dancehall that makes for a unique, party-starting track, it sticks to the traditional beat and flow of Dancehall. Gyptian brings his signature style of sultry and sexy crooning while Collie Buddz speeds things up with a heavy bass tone but still melding with the rhythmic drumming.

Producer Ricky Blaze, speaking to DancehallMag, said the song was first recorded in 2018 after he decided he wanted to introduce a new riddim sound. “In December 2018- I decided I wanted to release a new reggae type fusion. I started playing a few of  the ideas I was working on, as usual he [Gyptian] started working his magic on spot, he started coming up with melodies, dope ideas…Deh Yah I remember playing him the track and he just listened, he didn’t say a word and then he just went into the booth.”

The song was recorded in 10 minutes the producer says – “the song came alive in real time. He did the whole track in 10 minutes. I knew this would be a mega hit if we released this the right way and get the right collaborators.”

That’s when Collie Buddz entered the picture- “we sent it over to Collie Buddz and he loved the record and now he’s featured. It’s a hit,” Ricky Blaze said. Meanwhile, the dynamic duo continues to work together and Blaze says fans can expect upcoming projects – “we’re always working on fresh new projects, always developing fresh new talent, get people the next thing for them to enjoy.”

The song is definitely doing well even though it was just released. Its current position is NO. 3 on the Apple Itunes new tracks Reggae Chart behind Shenseea and Tarrus Riley’s Lighter and Popcaan’s Twist and Turn from his FIXTAPE album.

The song is distributed by Ineffable Records and available on Spotify, Apple, and Pandora. The Record Label says DJs are giving the song massive support even though it is only few days old – “Got placed in all major apple lists and just could not be happier with how it is performing,” the label’s representative said.


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