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Dancehall artiste Tashawn George Gabbidon aka, Intence made his second appearance on Onstage with Winford Williams last Sunday.

It’s been a year since his last sit-down with the TV Host and remarkably there was a whole lot to catch up on. Williams seemed pretty psyched about finally having the opportunity to speak with the deejay, particularly since his career has reached an impressive high in such a short space of time.

The Shooting

First on the checklist of topics was regarding an alleged shooting incident involving Intence and his colleague, I Waata. The two were reportedly at a party a little over a week ago in which threats were made against them and shots were fired.

Winford said there were chats on social media stating that Intence was actually responsible for the shooting but the deejay was quick to clear that up, “No sah, nuttn like dat, ahm a bag a rumor you know. Yeah, cah member we hot yah now, from dem mention we name, people a wah hear wah really a gwaan but nuttn nuh go suh, ah just rumors,” he said.

Intence admitted shots were fired but not at the party, adding that had there been, people would have been hurt because the event was overcrowded. He further disclosed that he was called in for questioning by the police but was ‘freed the same day.’

Change In Management

The discussions led into the issues resulting from his change in management. Both Intence and I Waata parted ways with Boysie Records and their manager Andrew ‘Boysie’ Campbell sometime last month. There were even rumors insinuating that a peeved Boysie was somehow behind the threats that were made at the party where the shooting had occurred, however Campbell irrevocably dismissed those claims.

Intence didn’t want to discuss the reasons for their divide but said he was happy with his current management.  He later revealed that he’s now closely working with Nuh Brakes, Zimi Entertainment, Frank YM and Rannie Don Records to release his music.

The Car Crash

Moving on to his very public car accident back in July. Intence was involved in a two-vehicle collision on Old Hope Road in Kingston and was fortunate to walk away unscathed.

He said he was happy to be alive, “Yeah we just haffi give thanks for life and wha nuh kill yuh make yuh stronger.” He revealed that he wasn’t the one driving and it was actually family member who was.

His Prolific Music Videos

Curious about his prolific music releases, Winford asked, “Do you make a video for every song? It seems you have a video for every song.” Intence who has been releasing not only a steady stream of new tracks over the last few months, has also been shooting music videos to go along with them.

Intence said “Yeah cah ah COVID now enuh and di people dem nah too see we … suh we use make dem see we pon social media.”

Upon being asked how he affords to do so many videos, he revealed that he voices a lot of dub-plates nowadays, which ultimately makes him a substantial amount of cash. This he uses to finance his music videos and in essence put back into his business.

In closing up the discussions, the deejay said his hard work is simply self-inspired; he blocks out the outside noise and doesn’t compete with other entertainers, only himself. “Mi want be better than the person mi was yesterday but mi naa compete wid nobody,” he said, adding that he always try to put out a better song than his previous.

Watch the full interview with Intence on Onstage below –


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