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If there’s one thing about Ishawna, she’ll catch your attention even if it means catching you off guard with her raunchy lines. Last month, her bawdy “W.A.P” Remix got a nod from Cardi B, and the festive queen returned with an even more risqué collaboration with TeeJay called Mood on September 11.

While fans were entertained by both stars’ wining skills in the visuals, the lyrics have been met with mixed reactions, particularly Ishawna’s request, “push yuh c— inna mi nosehole”. Even Ishawna’s ex, Foota Hype, quipped “fuss mi hear that,” in response, but Ishawna checked in with The Star recently to add some clarity. 

Ms. Legendary nonchalantly explained that her motive was simply shock value and staying true to her edgy, provocative brand. “I could have said something that’s been said before. I could have said ‘push yuh c*** inna mi throat hole. Everybody seh dat. And guess wah? When it sweet yuh, yuh want it everyweh,” Ishawna said. “Yeah, memba a me seh throw mi through window.”

No stranger to starting smutty firestorms, Ishawna’s shenanigans including her recent Sumfest 2020 set are typically talked about, reposted, and shared until they hit trending.

Making her official comeback to the Sumfest stage after a four-year hiatus, Ishy brought seriously steamy vibes to the virtual delivery. Speaking with The Star after that performance, Ishawna confidently reiterated her commitment to amorous antics.

“I wouldn’t say I’m the ‘queen for freaks’ but I am the queen for people who are confident and comfortable with themselves and their sexuality. Since the beginning, with the songs that I release, I’m all about empowering women,” she said. If you’re a freak, so what? Life supposed to festive. A mi say festive queen enuh, so weh boring life a go? Life is too short to be boring. Yuh nuh see how 2020 a gwaan?”


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