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Dancehall artistes Jada Kingdom and Konshens are the most recent celebs to talk out about people in the industry wanting their services for free. Just two days ago, Jada went on Twitter to vent on what appeared to have been an awkward and unacceptable exchange with a colleague in music.

The Dancehall diva’s spirited tweet on September 8 began, “Some of these n-ggas in music are soo f–kin CAP! Lol.” She continued, “Don’t link me for no f-ckin verse if you ain’t got my f-ckin money UP FRONT! tf yu thought this was? A work mi a work! Get tf outta my face with the f-ckery. caz i WILL disrespect you. COPY!? Ok good.”

Jada followed up with a screenshot of a tweet made by online brand strategist, Terri Karelle Reid, who shared some professional advice to creatives and others in the entertainment space.

“We not doing anything for free! People come around wanting to tap into your talent, brand equity, craft, and gift and want to gift you with AIR! They wouldn’t be approaching if they didn’t see the value,” the tweet read.

Jada’s beau, American music producer, Verse Simmonds not only backed-up his girl’s statement but went on to welcome collabs from paying clients, “That being said. Who need a verse from the queen this week?! We in the lab!!” he wrote on singer’s tweet. Jada is also set to release a collab with Verse pretty soon.

It seems Konshens has also been enduring similar audacities. He, too, took to Twitter on September 7 to rant about a recent incident. “Where these artistes come from begging u to get on a song with them, then be upset when u not as excited about it as they are,” he asked.

The deejay then went on to draw from his own experience collaborating with American R&B singer Chris Brown on the remix for his 2017 hit single, Bruk Off Yuh Back. He continued, “Picture me saying chris brown is a pu–y bcuz he dont post bruk off u back everyday.”

He followed up in another tweet to outline the correct approach that upcoming artistes should take when promoting their collaborated singles. “Young guns its your song fam. Be proactive and aggressive and let go off the feeling of ENTITLEMENT. Someone bless u with some energy take that sh_t and run with it. Many of US had to make it happen without anyones energy. Be grateful and Lets go!!!” he wrote.

Musicians are often short-changed on their services. It has forever been a struggle to get paid, especially since jobs in their field of work aren’t often paid upfront but more so on ‘half now, half after’ basis. Dancehall artistes remain one of the main groups in the entertainment industry that were hit the hardest by COVID-19. Canceled shows have put a dent in the pockets of every artiste in the space. Those dependent solely on tours and stage shows have been finding it hard to stay afloat in these difficult times.

Konshens even mentioned his personal hardship with the clampdown in another tweet. “Ye…. so if i dont do a show soon im gonna check into rehab.”


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