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Jada Kingdom and her producer boo Verse Simmonds delivered their Bedroom Bully Q&A as promised on Sunday, and as the title suggests, the session was for grown folks only. If you don’t believe, check out their debut collaboration, which bears the same name.

To answer the most pertinent questions you’re probably here for, yes, Kingdom is “freaky,” and yes, they did get into how they met in 2018.

“Initially, we met through an A&R that put me on to her music, but I was already on to her music,” Simmonds said. “After that, we ended up reaching out to each other and communicating, then we ended up meeting in Atlanta then we started to work… She gave me a real vibe, and everything else led to where we is now.”

Plus, the couple that rolls a blunt together stays together. At least that was the feel of the chill Instagram Live

As with any public celebrity couple, fans want to see marriage and a baby carriage, and Kingdom was ready for those questions. 

“Mek mi tell unno di tings dem people cause him nah tell unno di tings dem,” she started. ‘Mi a go breed, belly a go big and shine, and him a go put a ring pon it, period…and we a go live happily ever after.” 

She also reminded everyone how well-endowed her man is. This tied into questions about their sex life and her favourite traits about her partner. Though she loves her banana, she isn’t into “long-long” sex. When asked about the longest time they’ve ever gone for, she recalled an over four-hour session. 

“A nice hour nice, inna sections… nobody nuh fi fk til dem tired, it nuh nice, it don’t feel good… Mi a talk bout the breathless, tired and weak-out like yuh nav nuh sense. Dat nuh nice. Yuh deven have energy fi talk bout the fk, dat nuh mek sense… Sex fi nice, sex nuh fi long and drawn out…”

“At the time you weren’t complaining,” Simmonds chimed in, to which she went silent. 

His package aside, Kingdom also said he’s “super caring…him gi the best advice, and him just know how fi deal wid mi and him know how fi calm mi down and him just know wah fi seh all the time. Him just mek mi feel really safe, he’s my home, just perfect.”

So perfect in fact that she couldn’t identify a pet peeve when asked. Simmonds, however, said his woman can become easily frustrated, which he navigates by giving her space. He also said she leaves makeup products and wigs on the bathroom counter, but he leaves the toilet seat up every now and then so the playing field is leveled.

Verse Simmonds and Jada Kingdom

For those questioning their age difference, Kingdom responded, “I’m 22 and he’s the right age for me cause a big man mi like.”

Simmonds, who was born in St Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands, holds a place in her heart and on her body as she recently showed a tattoo of his name on her neck. A fan wanted to know if he’d done the same.

“No,” Kingdom responded. “But him bout fi get it though, a just through corona…”

The couple is currently working on separate projects, but Simmonds is also working on Kingdom’s debut album.


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