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American rapper Dave East is speaking out after he was recently kicked off a Delta flight in the US.

“Fucc Delta! Racist Ain’t Even The Word! This Jamaican Man Defending me and He don’t even know me!!!!” was the caption East sharedunder a video on his Instagram page on September 11.

The video depicts a Jamaican man of color and a white woman having a conversation which is partly inaudible but gesticulations would suggest that the man was trying to diffuse the situation.

The popular US rapper, who recently collaborated with Dancehall artiste Popcaan, alleged that he was kicked off the flight from New York to Atlanta because a woman got nervous seeing him, a black man, in first class.

“He watched the racist harassment!!!! Delta Airlines Y’all Need To Stop Hiring these racist, stupid, ignorant TRUMP supporters that get nervous when they see a PERSON OF COLOR in first class!!! Bitch just ask me what I want to drink and keep it pushing!!!! Shit got me Hot, ” East explained.

Despite the Jamaican man attempting to defuse the situation to allow East to fly, the Let It Go rapper exited the flight.

On his way out, he was greeted by more than six officers from the New York Port Authority. Upon exit, he filmed the Port Authority officers and recorded their badge numbers. When he met the only Black officer in the airport, he commented, “You the brotha. You just doing your job though.”

As the flight crew waits for an all-clear, East questioned “Where the lady at who got me kicked off the plane?” He then continued to say “With all this shit going on in the news — Black people getting shot every fuckin’ day — y’all do this on an airplane? Look at y’all. Y’all don’t even wanna be here!”

East performed at an event on Saturday in Tampa, Florida, and is expected to be in Jamaica in a few days.

Last week, he underwent a COVID-19 test in preparation for the trip to Jamaica, which fans have speculated is to allow him to shoot a music video with the island’s Unruly boss Popcaan.  The artists collaborated on a single called, Unruly, which appears on East’s third mixtape installment Karma 3, released on August 13.


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