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Another week in Dancehall has brought us a terrific line-up of tracks with some old and unexpected appearances. Buju Banton teams up with Koffee, then there is a veteran collab from Dancehall deejay Pliers and Richie Spice, which takes us back in time. But nothing beats Wayne Marshall’s remake of one of Tenor Saw’s classic hits from the ’80s.

Dynamos, Skillibeng and Jahvillani have each dropped two movie-style music videos that you won’t be able to take your eyes from. While Kranium entices in his new video, which animates an adulterous love affair. Sultry songbird, Stalk Ashley also joins the roster with an enchanting composition.

There is so much more to enjoy; check out our top picks this week for your Dancehall playlists, with exclusive highlights, reviews, playlists, and accompanying music videos for each below.

In no particular order:

Wayne Marshall – Lots Of Signs

In the third installment of their upcoming Dancehall Anthems Project, VP Records has drafted none other than Dancehall vocalist Wayne Marshall for the remake of Tenor Saw’s 1985 hit single Lots Of Signs.

Marshall’s modern take on the old recording is a complimenting toast to the legendary singer that not only captures the same essence of the song but also Saw’s vocal style and tone.

Released on September 19, produced by Jeremy Harding of VP Records, listen to the official audio for Wayne Marshall’s new rendition here –

Masicka – Promise

Masicka teams up with newcomers Shane Skull and Wirebrain for his latest release, Promise, to deliver a food for thought track. “Wages of sin is death but we nuh finish yet,” he intros to spark forethought with his audience. Then in making a vow to his family, the deejay continues, “Tell me family mi Promise … mi swear we haffi live lavish ‘til the day I vanish.”

The music video finds all three artistes in a backyard setting with their crew. The environs aren’t so “lavish” as his rhymes say but the grit in his voice seals a Promise that cant be denied.

Released on September 22, produced by Genahsyde /1syde Records and shot by RD Studios, watch Masicka’s Promise below –

Skillibeng – Yk Dat Guh

Skillibeng escapes from lockup to get locked-down in this new single / music video that dropped this week. YK Dat Guh (protracted: You Know Dat Guh) is the name of the release and the visuals appear as a mini movie to find the Brik Pan Brik deejay being rescued by his troop during an inmate-transfer.

Skilli says he’s as bad as they get: “Any weh mi go mi bad never sorry, badness, ever have som’n glue pon mi, ah no dem a lock it. 17’ and 23’ and Burrito … if a fly pitch pon mi is another body/ Mi seh killer, a nuh Bounty Killer neither ediat / Execution weh nuh move, a death removal of a nuisance/ Mi love badness too much …” is just a taste of his intricate prolixity on the track.

Released on September 23, produced Eastsyde Records, YGF Records, 1Govament and HMP Productions, watch the new music video here –

Tommy Lee Sparta – Ghetto Cry

In a smooth dancehall ballad, Tommy Lee Sparta digs deep to let out some gloomy emotions in what he titles as Ghetto Cry. The deejay has been pretty tight-lipped about his recent run-in with the law, until now.

The track addresses as much through his verses, “Babylon yuh time is counting, in a yuh mist yuh be drowning. Yuh tek ghetto yute life fi ah joke ting, one day yuh ah go tell God something. Cause mi do good fi mi community, send nuff yute go ah school still. Tru me jus a show likkle love still, but di system have we as a don still,” he sings.

Released on September 18, produced by Boss Lady Muzik, YB Records and Dre Swade Production, listen to the official audio for Tommy Lee’s Ghetto Cry below-

Squash – Bandulu

In his new track Bandulu, 6ix Boss Squash says he’s a walking girl magnet. “Every gyal love 6ix, becah we a Bandulu. Gyal a do as I say like me a wuk voodoo. 6ix lock eh whole place a who fool uno…” he says on the hook.

The single is pretty upbeat; the 6ix Boss shows off his effortless yet quick lyrical flow on an easygoing riddim to create a terrific, head bopping vibe.

Released on 22, produced by 6ixReal Records & Game Changa Records and chopped by T.A.K., check out Bandulu here –

Stalk Ashley – Open

Songbird Stalk Ashley has finally debuted a new music video for her previously released single Open. The official audio premiered back in May to demonstrate her syrupy vocal ranges as she took us through an unfulfilling love affair. Her beau is pretty reserved in the relationship so she hankers for him to “Open” up about his feelings. “Don’t underrate what the little things can do, just show me affection, more than a couple I love you’s,” she sings.

The fairytale-style video finds the singer in a mythical realm, purring her sweet serenading tones amongst magical creatures deep within a lush biota.

Released on September 21, produced by WMG on behalf of East West Records UK and Kobalt Music Publishing, watch Stalk Ashley’s video for Open here –

Jahvillani – Kentucky

Dancehall artiste Jahvillani’s new single Kentucky appears in a quivering short film, consumed in inexorable gore. The 1Goverment deejay commits to some pretty convincing acting for this, as he portrays the ultimate mobster.

Scenes of brutal execution-style killings under several different scenarios show Jahvi as the man pulling the trigger. In doing so, he unleashes his ruthless rhymes, “Man a hunt fi duppy, when mi hol him, him naa be so lucky… Govament pull up ina yuh place and a buss it, 9 piece in a boy chest – Kentucky.”

Released on September 23, produced by Magical Studios, in part with Romeich Entertainment, watch Javillani’s video for Kentucky here –

Quada – That Is It Dadda

Unruly Entertainment’s very own, Quada says there’s no need to brag, the fact is he’s got it all and That Is It Dadda in his new single. The house, cars, girls, guns and “full a money dem swear we a scamma,” he says.

The music video captures the celebration of his upper-echelon lifestyle, sipping from a non-stop flow of liquor, puffing on his high-grade while the ladies flock about dancing for his entertainment.

Released on September 20, produced by Stinez Entertainment, directed by Prolonged Film, check out Quada’s new video for That Is It Dadda here –

 Vybz Kartel – Dont Stop

Dancehall artiste Vybz Kartel has another new release this week and particularly for the ladies. Taking on a mainstream flare, the Worl Boss dials things down, with some smooth eloquent singing, while dishing his rude verses in his new track, Don’t Stop.

“I don’t know what you doing to me but Don’t Stop, so sexually baby got me imagining things. Hey pretty girl, what’s up? You sexy, I’m sexy lets f**k. Yeah I gat a girl, you have a man right, listen the plan right, we keep it a secret,” he sings his persuasions, and coerces his love interest into a cheating love affair.

Released on September 25, produced by Sikk Records, listen to the official audio for Kartel’s new single Don’t Stop below –

Koffee – Pressure (Buju Banton Remix)

The Grammy Kid, Koffee has teamed with Reggae titan, Buju Banton for the remix of her previously released single, Pressure. In this encouraging ode, Koffee implores strength and faith with her audience, singing, “Sometimes when yuh feel it yuh cry doh, Hurt yuh heart enuh But do, no mek it stress yuh, Cause it haffi be better, Nuh haffi live ina the ghetto, fi be under the pressure my friend.”

Banton’s segment interchanges verses to support the young artiste’s impactful words. “ We born in the struggle, isolated in a bubble. What not for the rich yet another fi di poor. Jah bless and please help us, we can’t take no more. We feeling the Pressure way down to the core…” he chimes in on cue.

Released on September 25, produced by Sony Music Entertainment, listen to the official audio of the remix of Pressure with Koffee and Buju Banton.

Kranium – Gal Policy

Dancehall artiste Kranium reawaken fans in a brand new music video for his track Gal Policy, which released earlier in March on the Soul Survivor Riddim. Now we see this adulterous tale come to life.

The deceit on the faces of cheating spouses and Kranium getting in on all the action, he sings, “Nuh gyal mi f**k cant start nuh drama, mi make di gal deh pon a corner. Every mistress know dem policy, after 9 o’clock dem can’t call me. After mi nuh idiot … yeah, she better know after certain time don’t contact me.”

Released on September 25, produced Tru Ambassador Entertainment and directed by Mills Miller and Jason Claiborne, watch Kranium’s new music video for Gal Policy here –

TeeJay – From Rags to Riches

Teejay, the Up Top Boss appears in another production of his hit single From Rags to Riches. The official audio for the single released back in February and has successfully accumulated more than 6.8 Million views so far.

The new visuals clearly depict the meaning and core of the song’s concept, as the artiste deliver the verses in scenes both “rich” and “poor”. Donned in a coral-colored suit on a lavish stairway of a mansion, Teejay says, “I doing okay, I doing alright, how are you? I am fine.” Then in more casual yet pricey attire, he revisits his very humble hometown festooned in dirt trails, zinc-made houses and fences.

Released on September 24, produced by Damage Music and directed by XTreme Arts, watch Teejay’s new video for his single From Rags To Riches here –

Pliers Featuring Richie Spice – Real Warrior

In timeworn dials, Dancehall veteran Pliers and Reggae singer Richie Spice takes us back to the feels of the good old days with their collaboration on Real Warrior. The single is an expression of their experiences with malicious individuals. “Bad mind is their breakfast, deception is their lunch, chase dem cunning devil fox from here / Dem a devil in a dress up clothes, run dem evil rats from here,” they sing.

However, they aren’t pushovers, even far from, “The haters dem fight day and night but I stand up and fight cause I’m a Real Warrior in combat.”

Released on September 25, produced by Jet Star Music and Time 1 International, listen to the official audio of Real Warrior here –

 TeeJay – Go Dung

In another new release this week, Teejay drops this stimulating single Go Dung. Like describing the scenes from a raunchy x-rated film, the deejay leaves nothing back in his lyrical delivery.

Go Dung is performed on the Different Rankin’ Riddim, which happens to showcase Teejay’s exceptional vocal pitches and range, complete with some swift deejaying flows.

Released on September 25, produced by VP Records, listen to the official audio for the Up Top Boss’s new track here –


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